Monday, September 7, 2009

The Feast

We had a feast tonight, enchilada's, Mom made beef, and I made chicken. I made homemade salsa, and she made guacamole. We had fruit salad, and Mom made rice and beans. Ole', I also made ooey gooey cake, lemon yum. It was a whole lot of fun. Before that we went to the mall, I bought Jackson these great shoes, he loves shoes, he put them on and then ran all over, he was so proud of his shoes. Briana, Kori, Garrett, Jax, and I got to run around together having fun, we all took turns holding him. Oh wait I think Garrett had the most turns, he was great he watched will we shopped till we drop. What a great day, I am exhausted.

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Bri said...

Jack brought in his shoes and showed kathy, it was sooo cute! he loved them!!!