Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prayer Rocks!!

Okay so far so good. Keep the prayers up, I did the treadmill yesterday for 45 minutes, and I have been eatting good. I can really fill everyone behind me, there were a couple of times I had problems and I just prayed silently and asked for strenght and he gave it to me. I went for a job interview today. It is more money, but I really don't know why I even went, and pretty much happy where I am, and I have the greatest boss. For some reason it all just worked out so well, I had to follow through with it. I started off really nervous, and then I just took off, it was a great nerve wrecking experience, but I challenged myself. You know when you don't want to do something, and it makes you crazy on the inside, and then you do it, and you say, "I did it, I was strong enough to get through, and I did. I challenge you today, to do something that your scared of, or something that brings you out of your comfort zone. Do it! You might say, that wasn't so bad, and you might come out of challenging yourself a little more next time. Don't forget everyone keep praying I just can't do this without all of you.

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