Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Breakfast

This morning I made some scones. I am trying to use the fruits and things before they go bad, so I had some bananas that were getting soft, I made banana scones with orange zest in them, I have to say they turn out really good. Rob and James loved them.

This has been a pretty good week, I am journaling again, to help with what I eat. It helps me deal with my feelings instead of shoving them all aside and then letting the food cover up a fountain of emotions. It has not been easy, and when I have started beating myself up, I stop, and list the good things, I still list the bad, but I have been surprised the good list is longer. I guess it is like trying to love yourself enough.

God has been awesome too. There were a few moments I really wanted something bad, and he talked me through it. Most of the time, I have to admit, I am not hungry. This week, I am going to try hard to only eat when I am hungry, and begin to listen to my body.

I got some exercise in this week to. I even got some time to escape work early and do PT, phsyical training. On our base the commander lets civilians have 3 hours a week, on their time to do PT. So I walked, even jogged (a little), and found out I could do it. Keep praying please.

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Sue said...

you go girl!!!!!!!!!