Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bellows, Bellows, Bellows.....I love Bellows

Rob and Willie catching a wave
Ariale in the sand

James on his boogie board, he needs some sun

James in his cool stance

Willie braving the waves

James and Dad

Garrett under water

James boogie boarding

Willie and Ariale

The beautiful beach


Wille and the beach

A wonderful picture

Garrett doing what he does best "tormenting"

The mountains on the way over there

A picture from the car.

Bellows is the most relaxing place on the island, I love it. We have a lot of memories there, I always pack a sandwiches and snacks and we go early in the morning get a good spot, and swim and boggie board all day. Yesterday was fabulous, the wind was blowing the sun was not too hot, and the ocean was absolutely breath taking. It was wonderful, we laughed, played and ate. Most of all we took lots of pictures and just enjoyed each others company. I love my family. Garrett got to relax and do what he does best. Garrett is a water person, always has been. He loves the ocean, and has always been a great swimmer. I am posting some pictures that he took, he has a camera that can go in the water, and they are really amazing. Some of us.....not me, got burned but not too bad (men don't do sunblock well). I do, I hate being burned. Briana I hope you are feeling better, can't wait to love on you.

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