Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love is in the Air......or Maybe it is the fumes.

The other night, after the boys had abandoned us, Rob and I, we were at the house, I had already pooped out, and Rob was.....so he said, "Just let me finish this last bit of trim and then we will leave." So I plopped down in a chair, thinking how nice the paint looked, and how tired I was. My husband is suspended in the air almost, reaching for the ceiling (and he is afraid of heights), and I thought, he loves me that much to be up there where he is not the most comfortable. He looks at me and says, "You know, all I ever really wanted in life, what I wanted to give you most in life, is a house, and look I finally did it, it is the one thing you have always wanted, and now I am able to give that to you", and he looks down at me (catching my bewildered stare), and he gives me that I love you more than anything look, and then he says......."Because you deserve it, you have always deserved it, and now I have fulfilled my greatest wish for you." My heart melted and the tiredness faded, and I fell in love all over again. At that very moment I felt like I was the most special woman in the world, and that my friend is what true love is all about.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The New House

This weekend was so exhausting, that I can't wait to go to work tomorrow. This house has such high ceilings, it is really scary being up on the latter that high. being up that high is not scary, it is the coming down that is. Everything in my body aches, but my husband I am sure is even worse, I at least get to home in between times, the doesn't. They boys have been amazing, they have helped out so much, and no complaining. They have been there just as long as me and Rob, and they have worked so hard. We got to put down some of the flooring today. The old carpet was so awful, it smelled like dog, yuck (we still have some in the bedrooms we need to get rid of)
The colors are amazing through. I will have to upload pictures.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Christina

A Birthday Rose for you

Okay today is Christina's birthday, how old is she, heck if I know, she was born in 1983, at my age, you can't even keep up with your own birthday. What I can tell you is how wonderful she is. She is the most loving person I know, and God blessed me 20 years ago, when I married her dad. How truly amazing it has been to see her become such a wonderful mother. I think as she ages she becomes even more beautiful. Rob and I went by her house and brought her a cake, and a card, and some money to spend on herself. She looks a little frazzled these days, but I pray for her and the girls everyday and I know that God will help this time go by quickly. I think she needs to go back to church, a church family helps you during a time like this. As a matter of fact, do you know at this present time none of my older children go to church, and it truly breaks my heart. Oh well, Happy Birthday Christina, I love you more than red vines!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

James' pineapple

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you, Happy Easter to you, Happy Easter to EVERYONE, happy Easter to you.......and you.......and you. God continues to Bless Rob and I, we are actually getting money back from taxes. God in great he gives us taxes back (that is me singing). We start painting this week, wish us luck. I will probably get it all over me. Should be a lot of fun, or not.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry have been really busy with school. I had a rough week. My old boss did my my appraisal, and I was completely shocked. GS's get rated on a scale from 1 to 9, one being really bad, and 9 being the best. I wasn't expecting anything great, since her without a secretary, to go work somewhere else, for a higher position. So you see I wasn't expecting much, but when my new boss went over it, even he was shocked, and tired to console me, she had given me 5's. I worried about it all night, and my boss and Rob suggested I call her the next day, maybe it was a mistake (since this was her first time rating a civilian), and some civilians ratings are from 1 to 5, and military members get rated from 1 to 5, and 5 is good. I was worried, however, since the rating scale was right there on the appraisal as plain as day. As I was driving to work that day, worrying about my conversation with her......I mean what if she really thought I did a lousy job, God told me.......Don't worry everything would be fine. I called her as soon as I got in, I told her I was confused with my rating, since she had given me such a big cash award, and two days off. I asked her if she realized that a 5 was a poor rating, and bad for my career, she said she had no idea, no one told her how to do it. I told her I never received anything lower than an 8, and my last two ratings were all 9's. She told me she would redo it right away. I still had no idea what she would rate me, especially now since I questioned her, and she had been really angry when I said I was leaving for a promotion. I know this is a long story, but it is getting close to the end. Today she sent the new rating to my boss to turn in........It was all nines. My new boss had been great the whole time, he was very comforting, and reassuring. The moral of the story......Listen to God and don't worry when the world tosses you some 9's.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Rob and I, finally bought our floors for the house, wood floors, it is what Rob has wanted for a really long time (he has a great love for a good piece of wood), ever since we bought the house. He never said it, but I knew, years of living with him, and seeing him make things with his own hands from wood. He is the type that will not paint wood, he loves natural grain of the wood, the real color, with maybe just a little of stain. I think he just thought it would be pricey, and most people in Hawaii, don't do wood floors (too many termites). After shopping for weeks on end, we finally realized that it would cost just as much for carpet, as it would for wood floors, and in some cases the wood was a better deal. My only stipulaton was no laminate, I hate it, and everyone out here does it, because it is easy to take care of and last longer. I am sorry, I just can't do it, if we were going to spend alot of money, it was going to be what I wanted. Today when we went to the last store, after weeks and weeks, we found some. The other times we found really good deals they didn't have enough of what we needed, so this was our last stop before we gave in and got something we really weren't competely happy with. Well God did it again, when you ask, you receive. Not only did we find a fantastic deal, but they had more than enough, and we could pick our own color. We were in agreement over the color also, and I am so happy I don't have to look at any more Home depot, or Lowe's store.........Oh no I forgot about the paint. I guess I do have to spend more time at my least favorite stores......Ugh!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pray for James

Okay, everyone needs to pray for James. He has been working at Borders, but the boss there doesn't like him. I don't understand it ask anyone James is very kind hearted, and gets along with everyone. She cut his hours first from working 5 days to 4, then 3, and now 2. He was really upset about it, but instead of giving in to it, he is looking for another job. He refused to talk to her about it, that is just James, so I want everyone to start praying, and I want you to pray that he will find an even better job, because he really likes his job at Borders, but he is kind of fed up. I know that if all of you start praying he will see a miracle, poor James deserves a miracle. He is paying for his own college, and works hard at keeping up with school, and work. Oh and by the way he gives great hugs too.

This ones for the girls

Long ago, me and the girls when we got tired of the boys, would go out, and we called it girls day or night out. Just the girls, just us having fun, and doing what we wanted to do. Sometimes a movie, sometimes, a meal, and most of the time shopping. The boys used to be so jealous, and they asked Rob one time, why can't we do, "Boys Day Out". I love being a girl, I think it is the greatest thing, but what I love the most about it is having daughters, oh don't get me wrong, I love my boys too. It is just when girls are together we can talk about anything, and do we ever. I always had a wonderful relationship with my mom, I still do, when used to do everything togther (before we were so far apart). I have watched my daughters grow from girls, to women, and now they are mothers. It is such a blessing to see them interacting with their children, and I see the love, and caring nature they have with their children. I do pray everyday that they parent wisely, parenting is a bunch of hit and misses. What I am trying to say is how very proud I am of who they are, and who they are becoming. There are mothers in the world who are not happy, and they will never be happy, and they live their lives trying to tear other people down. Some way, some how it makes them happy (but not really). I have seen a lot of mothers who do that, the nit pick, and they bad mouth their own children, and it is really sad, especially when I know what they could have. They could have what I do, a mom who is my greatest fan, great in-laws that love me as a daughter (lots of people don't have that), an extended family (through Rob) that rallys around and prays for me, Brothers that don't talk much, but grunt their I love you's all the same, Children who love me and make me feel like the best mother in the world, and a husband, who tells me everyday how lucky he is (I think it is the other way around). And I have daughters who inspire me everyday......Let's have a Girls Day Out really soon. This ones for you Chirstina and Briana. Thank you making me a grandmother (although Briana you are just too far away) I love you, this ones for the girls.