Friday, August 28, 2009


Mountains in Kaneohe
All of us at the ceremony

Rob's retirement ceremony

Willie and me

Briana and I singing at church

Briana wants Pics.

Blessing from Children.....and God

God gives you little moments sometimes when you need them. Today my daughter called, not unusual, my dear Briana calls me almost everyday, and we e-mail each other from work. The problem is when I get to work she has already been there for a few hours, and she calls me at my lunchtime which is her going home time. Anyways she was upset about something (sorry between us) and I listened to her, and gave her a little motherly advice, told her I loved her and hung up. Didn't think anything different until Willie called me (he usually does everyday too). He said he was going to work and he would see me about 8:00 tonight, he said he love me, like he always does when we hang up. At that moment after I hung up, I got a such a feeling of overwhelming love from God, and a message: My children love me. It is what it is all about, listening to your children, talking to them, and most of all just loving them. I am the luckiest mom alive. My children love me, I get calls from all of them, and they always say they love me before hanging up (sorry boys I have ratted you out). My heart is full. I am so happy for Briana to be having a daughter, all the wonderful things that mothers and daughters get to share is amazing....but there is more, all the things that mothers and son's share is great. Today at that moment God let me know how much more he loved me, and how if I left this earth today I can say I did my job. I raised kids that love the Lord, love their families, and love their neighbors. Praise God!! If I was put on this earth to raise loving Children I did it, and I done good!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I just want to say how blessed I am to have great in-laws. A lot of people do not. Lately I have been hearing horrible stories about people's in-laws. I have to say the one thing I admire the most about mine is the way they muddle through things. Margaret and Bill have a positive outlook on everything. If life greats tough, they get tougher, and they get on their knees, and start praying. Their words are always encouraging, not matter what their cup is always half full. Margaret has had a few medical problems recently, and instead of hosting a pity party, she sees it as God's will. There is nothing she can do about it, so she just moves on, thinking about others instead of herself. Some people have in-laws that bring a whole lot of baggage with them. Not mine, not Bill and Margaret. You can find Bill helping out the younger people in church, and he always has time to visit those you are suffering, or just need some encouraging words. I just wanted to let you both know how much I love you both, and how blessed I am. God done blessed me good when he gave me the opportunity to know you both. Thank you for being apart of my life.
My honey working hard.

the picture again.

My new picture I bought.
After hanging my sconces.

ewww scarey man with a drill, I am sooo scared.

Measuring to get it prefect....or else.

There door again


I never get tired of looking at the ceilings

Rob put the scones in they give off get lighting

I repainted the ceiling so it was prefectly straight.

Rob's bookshelve again.


James in his favorite spot, I tried to redo him too, but he wouldn't go for it.
I made the curtains all by myself.
this bookcase Rob made, and behind it is storage, I love it.

My new vase, I love it.

Okay this is our front door, I wanted it to stand out, and match the curtains.


Well, today Rob and I painted. I painted the inside door, and Rob painted the outside door. We have really gotten so much done lately. I finished the baseboards and finished the touch ups on the ceiling. I never worked so hard before, but I feel good. After I was done, I got Rob to hang some pictures and thinks up. I haven't been writing lately but I have been have trouble with my arrhythmia. I had to do away with caffeine, not coffee in the morning, not sodas and green tea. This is my third week of this, and nothing seems to be helping. Yesterday and today it doesn't seem as bad, I almost went to the doctor last week. I have had it my whole life, but usually it is just a racing heart, this time, it feels like it is going way to slow. I love the way the house is coming here are some pictures, Briana likes pictures so here you go.

Guava Strawberry Jam

We have a strawberry guava tree. I have no idea what to do with it, so I made jam, it is so good.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today was church day, Rob really preached a good sermon, it very interesting. I just had to share these pictures with my lovely daughter Briana. So I am posting pictures of the island. We had a work picnic at Bellows (one of God's great places). Anyways, she was jealous. Rob and I got burned on our knees of all places, it was really funny. I put sun block everywhere but I forgot my knees. We had a wonderful time and decided to go home the long way around the north shore. Rob let me get out and take pictures of China Mans Hat, it is island out not too far in the ocean. It was a wonderful day, when you live out here you take it all for granted to many times, we were reminded when the kids where young, we used to go to bellows a lot, and all the kids would come home totally exhausted. I would pack sandwiches, and other goodies and we would stay all day. We also camped with the youth group several times, and we always really had a good time singing around the campfire, roasting marsh mellows. I miss those days, I told Rob we need to go and just have fun. It is Rob's favorite place to go and relax.