Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorry I have much more I will post more of Thanksgiving and our trip to Bellows.

Bellows, Bellows, Bellows.....I love Bellows

Rob and Willie catching a wave
Ariale in the sand

James on his boogie board, he needs some sun

James in his cool stance

Willie braving the waves

James and Dad

Garrett under water

James boogie boarding

Willie and Ariale

The beautiful beach


Wille and the beach

A wonderful picture

Garrett doing what he does best "tormenting"

The mountains on the way over there

A picture from the car.

Bellows is the most relaxing place on the island, I love it. We have a lot of memories there, I always pack a sandwiches and snacks and we go early in the morning get a good spot, and swim and boggie board all day. Yesterday was fabulous, the wind was blowing the sun was not too hot, and the ocean was absolutely breath taking. It was wonderful, we laughed, played and ate. Most of all we took lots of pictures and just enjoyed each others company. I love my family. Garrett got to relax and do what he does best. Garrett is a water person, always has been. He loves the ocean, and has always been a great swimmer. I am posting some pictures that he took, he has a camera that can go in the water, and they are really amazing. Some of us.....not me, got burned but not too bad (men don't do sunblock well). I do, I hate being burned. Briana I hope you are feeling better, can't wait to love on you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I took a picture of myself.
Garrett showing how many he is.

Rough housing.

Having fun.

Me and My boys.

He lots.

Me and My baby

Well I have a lot to be thankful this year. Another year of being cancer free. A new grand baby. Garrett here to spend thanksgiving with. A job, a lot of people don't have that this year. Christina and the Girls spending Thanksgiving with us. A wonderful family. God still working on me. And for all my dear loved ones across the mainland....I love you all and miss you dearly.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Got Nothing

Okay well, I have nothing....not a thing.....absolutely nothing to say. How does that happen, before when I was blogging, I couldn't wait to blog. But as of lately I have nothing. Most people who know me would be perplexed they would be saying, "Dee, always has something important to say", or "Hey why don't you just shut up for a while". Why? Because I always have something inspiring to say. It is usually quite intellectual too. I can't help it I am just a fountain of knowledge, probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet....shhh....don't tell my Mom or Briana cuz they think they are. Really it is me, I just want them to feel better so I pretend they are, but no...alas it is I. Well, I am going to go, I need to rest my brain a bit, the knowledge is just oozing out all over the place, careful where you step.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Week in Revue

It seems it has been quite awhile since I have blogged last, so I will try and catch everyone up to speed. The eating healthy is going well, I have lost 7lbs so far, but much more than that I am exercising just about every day. I am now going to yoga classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's during lunch. The base I work for gives civilians PT time, 3 hours a week, you can take it at the end of the day or during lunch, really whenever you want. I am taking mine during lunch. I am really enjoying it. They other days I do the treadmill, lift weights when I can.

This week we had the holiday off, it was nice to, as Rob puts it have two Monday's. I baked cookies for James and Willie, I let them pick what kind they wanted and made them for them. Sorry but they are already gone. I worked on shredding papers.

My husband has decided to keep all the non-useful papers in the world. I cannot believe how much he has packed away. It is strange but we have somehow changed roles over the years. It used to be me that horded everything, and kept things.....well everything, but now it seems to be my husband's new role. So I have taken it on myself to be the one to say what stays and what goes. I asked him to go over it, but he never gets around to it, so me being the wonderful wife I am, I am doing it for him ;).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The ghosts of Halloween Past

Seems like just yesterday, we were spending our first Halloween together, Rob, me and the kids. I remember the boys got tired right away, but the girls were still into getting more candy, so daddy carried them the rest of the way. Two small boys 2 years old, and Rob lugged them the rest of the way, cuz they were too tired. That year was just one of the greatest and many more to come. How blessed I am when I see the grandkids, enjoying Halloween, I have to say it has always been one of my favorite times of year. I used to love to make their costumes, or help them figure out what they wanted to be. To all my love ones I say, "BOO! Happy Halloween.