Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Pics

Faith and Marianne
Christina and Chuck, happy to spend time with Christopher

Sister and Brother


Pictures of the Past Week

A Mom and Her Son
Rob and Chris

The boys, Chris couldn't believe how big the are now, James slumped for him.

James, Chris and Willie

Merry Christmas to All

I brought cookies to work yesterday, everyone was really happy. Rob said he now has to beat everyone off with a stick. Sorry but cookies are a tradition in our house. Since the kids are no longer around to do it....yes, I still do it. I can remember not having money (six kids you know) so for Christmas for their friends and teachers we would gather in the kitchen and make Christmas Cookies, I always felt bad, because we could not buy presents for them (again, six kids). I don't know if the kids were lying to make me feel better, but they always came home and told me how happy it made their teachers and friends. In our house if someone makes cookies for you, that just means you are loved! So make a batch for the ones you love today.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Food Poisoning.....Ugh!

On Thursday I barfed my guts up all night. Rob and I had lunch together like we usually do, I had a turkey sandwich from Subway (Rob had turkey on his too, but he didn't get sick). Two hours later I got horrible stomach cramps, and a couple of hours later started tossing my cookies.

Rob kept telling me he was going to take me to the emergency room, I protested, "WHY" so I can sit around there in an unfamiliar place, and be miserable, when I could do it at home. I have to say I haven't been that sick in a very long time. I moaned and groaned all night (poor Rob). When morning came I was feeling weak, my throat hurt, but my stomach was feeling so much better.

I went into work late. I would have stayed home, but I had planned a cookie exchange for our division, so I had to be there. The cookie exchanged turned out really well though. I don't think I will be eating at Subway anytime soon, or at least a turkey sandwich......Ugh!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in her Head

You may say to yourself, "I am the luckiest person", but alas you would be wrong my dear
poorly informed friends you are not......tis me who is the luckiest. It is okay though I will preten with you that you are.....but again you are not.....tis I, Dee the luckiest person alive.

Chris has just arrived on the island, and now I can say that I have gotten to see ALL my children this year. That is right.....all of them, again I say, "I am the luckiest MOM alive". There is
a no Mom who is luckier. It is truly awesome that I have gotten to spend some time with each of them. I really like my children, I like who they are, I like spending time with them, and they never fail to make me feel like "I Am The Luckiest Mom Alive" truly I am. Nobody is as lucky as me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My role as Oscar the Gouch

Well we are back from our trip. It is hard to write, because I have a heavy heart. I really think I left my heart there. Rob says I have been gouchy, well who wouldn't be, I miss everyone I just left behind. Yes it was wonderful to get back to the warm has been in the eighties here. I missed my flip flops, my shorts, and the wonderful island breeze, but I miss everyone.

I guess you could say my heart is torn, so yes, I am gouchy, and I will be for a while, so Rob will have to get over it. I loved being with Briana and her lovely little family. Laughing and talking to the wee hours of the night. Having Jackson greet me every morning. Being able to pick up Kaya and soothe her when ever I felt like it. Most of all, I loved giving Kori a break to just be able to do whatever he wanted. Changing diapers.....yes I don't mind I used to do it for a living. Holding my daughter, and rubbing her feet, and cooking them a meal. I loved all of it, and will keep it in my "best of" memories album.

I loved seeing Rob's parents, and enjoyed just hanging out with them. They are special people, and I love listening to them talk. I never tire of them. They just make me laugh. Most of all they make you feel like you are the only one around that is important. They make you feel loved, and go out of their way to take care of you (just like my mom would). I loved seeing my niece and nephew, I have to say I haven't gotten to play aunt very much in my lifetime, and I enjoy every minute of it. I love wrestling with Jacob and watching him light up. Poor Sara was sick, so we didn't get to see her as much as I would of liked. I really wish they were so much closer. I wish I could play sister-in-law more because I really have to say I like Rob's brother and his wife Theresa, they are great, and I would love to spend more time with them.

So yes I am playing Oscar the Grouch for a while.....don't feel sorry Rob, it is his duty as my husband to comfort me. I will get over it soon, I love you guys and miss you!!!!!