Saturday, February 20, 2010

Painting, Painting and More Painting

Today Rob worked on the doors, staining them, and putting the wood pieces where the need to go. I am getting tired of having my den be the storage shed. So I worked on clearing half and putting junk in the closest (where it belongs) throwing boxes, and more junk away. Moving things out so I could work on half of it. Why do I feel like I accomplished nothing, because the other half is still screaming "Clean me out". Oh well, I got a lot done, and still I have a lot more to go. I preped and painting the walls. Tomorrow I will give it a second coat, and start on the trim.

When Rob is finished with the doors I will post a picture. They look really good, my husband is so talented. We all went to the dentist today, the boys and Rob and I, we have sparkly clean teeth. It was nice to have a short week at work (because of the holiday). Well thats all for now.

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