Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandbabies Sleep Over

Rob's flowers

Kady's shoe fell off

a rose is a rose but a an egg well it's just an egg

Grandma leave us alone

Kady loves BeBe

BeBe enjoying the grass

That darned shoe

We found a lizard out in the yard.

Marianne is making us a delicious lime and rock stew

The grandbabies slept over last night. Chuck and Christina had a night out....ALONE, and we got to have a sleep over with the Faith, Marianne and Kadie. In the morning grandpa went for donuts, and I hid some plasitic easter eggs. Then we shot some hoops with the limes. Faith counted how many we made....she made more in the tub then I did, oh well rematch...rematch. Kadie threw some too. She is talking up a storm. What a great time.


Bri said...

Marianne is SOOOO big now!!! Oh my gosh!!!

Christina said...

It was much appreciated. Love the pictures and thanks again! I love you!!!