Saturday, March 6, 2010


The title is for those of you who do not know what day it is.....Saturday. Rob spent most of the week sick....yep I stayed away from him. Love him, but don't want his koodies. This week I have been filling in upstairs to the secretary spot (ours retired) so the other Admin Assistant's and I have had to take turns filling in (two week intervals).

It has been okay, they brought up my computer so it has not been too bad. I did learn this week how much I am loved, because everyone has been coming upstairs to see me, and ask why am I up there. Some were even bold enough to tell me how much they missed me! Wow!

Not only that but the executive assistant and other military admin let the bosses know how much they would like me to stay there. Makes your heart fill good.

I have been working on exercising and eating well again. This has been a really good week.
I packed my lunch a few times, and brought in healthy snacks. Been working on the emotional aspect of it all too. Which is really hard, I am learning to give up more of it to God.

It is amazing how much we don't give over to God, and then when we do we keep taking it back all day long. That is the same thing the Paul struggled with. When I think of him being frustrated it is easier for me because I struggle with the same things. I want to do right, it is there in my heart, but by the end of the day, I am down on my knees, asking where did I go wrong. I know that God knows my heart however, and he knows that I have the best intentions.

With God you cannot go wrong, I guess we just need to take a big portion of our day and give it to him, listening to what he wants to say to us.

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