Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best Mother's Day

This last week was the absolutely greatest. I have to say it was the greatest Mother's Day. I was telling Rob on Saturday, that it would be the ultimate day on Mother's Day if I would get to hear from Chris. I knew I would hear from the other kids, but because Chris is in Afghanistan I did not know if I would hear from him.....I DID! It was great.

I am not talking about all the gifts either, although it was they were the icing on the chocolate cake (I love chocolate cake) and I do love icing. The greatest part of Mother's Day was the words. I love the words, all the kids know how much I treasure the written word. All the words were so inspiring, they lifted me up, and made me elated. Each and everyone of them made me feel like I was the most special mom alive. Nobody has kids like me.....they are all truly the greatest up lifters ever.

I do love that about all of them. I have to say they all possess it. They all have the ability to uplift people who are feeling bad, going through a difficult time, or just need a hug. They have the ability to be in a room and light it up with their laughter, their words, and especially their love.

I am the luckiest mother alive. All the wonderful things they said about me, now I know some of it is just them being loyal to me, but still it made me feel blessed. I love being Christina, Briana, Christopher, Garrett, James and Willie's MOM. And I love being Faith, Marianne, Jackson, Kady, Taylor, and Kaya's grandmother......see how blessed I am, and the numbers are increasing, soon I will have another granddaughter (when Chris marries Stephani) and they are having another son too. I love being Chuck, Kori's, Mother-in-law too, they might not know it, but they have been a blessing to me too. Hey guys I am not done the list goes on.

I love being Sue Marsh's daughter (her favorite daughter). I love being Margaret and Bill's daughter-in-law. I love being James and Penney, Theresa, Olga, Shannon's sister-in-law. I love being Randy and Rick's sister. I love being Justine, Bethany, Huxley, Jacob and Sarah's aunt. When you put it that way it adds up to a lot of love.

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