Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cancer Free

The doctor called last night and said the biopsy they took did not have any cancer cells.....relief once again. I don't understand why I have to keep going through these biopsies but I guess I should be happy that I have such wonderful doctors that don't take risks with my life.

We all know of course that God is responsible. His love sustains me during times like these. I worried but it did not consume me, when I didn't want it anymore I gave it to God and he released me from the worry.

My relationship with God has grown all these years into a peace that surrounds me in times like these. It is peaceful and for me in God arms I know that he will never give me anything that is unbearable that I won't be able to face.

So it is good news again, and once again I can say I am cancer free.

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