Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Time

I am having the greatest time. Yesterday we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Museum. It was so much fun, I really love museums and we walked everywhere. Mostly, I just loved spending time with my boys (Mom didn't go). They all took tons of pictures and we laughed our butts off (okay my butt is still there). We joked around and had a great time clowning and taking pictures and looking at all the amazing things. What I love about the boys the most is that when you are in their company they treat you like a queen, they take your picture, like your the only one there, and they hug you, and they fight to open the door for you, more than that they are just as nice to everyone around them. They hold the doors for other ladies, they say thank you, and please, and they are never rude......I just hate rude. All my kids are nice. I just love that about them, and they all know how to laugh, when life is hard, they know how to make light of their situation.

Mom always makes you feel special too. I already got to eat my favorite macaroni and cheese dish, and my other favorite, lemon meringue pie (my favorite) and Mom makes the BEST! I love spending time with her too. I love to talk about old times and laugh about them. I just love her company, and I love the person she is.

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