Monday, May 17, 2010

Girls, Girls....Girls

Christina came over today with the girls we had lunch. I made grilled teriyaki chicken, yogurt fruit salad, green beans, garlic cheese biscuits and rice. It was great, now that Kady is talking she has quite the personality.

We played blocks and castles. Faith insisted on knowing who is the bad guys and who is are the good guys. Marianne and her poor little cast got a kick out of playing with James' old GI Joe. They looked so cute in there little dresses (they came over after church). Christina looked great too, she is so pretty, I think the older she gets the more lovely she becomes.

We even got to make brownies. The girls helped, what good helpers they were, they even cracked eggs. Marianne just loves to stir and boy can she stir. They had to leave before the brownies were down, so I promised them we would do it again and this time they could wait and eat them too.

Great Sunday afternoon.

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Bri said...

aw that sucks! They should have waited!!!