Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day "A Tribute"

I love my mom because.......

When I was little and had a bad dream she would stay up with me and tell me why I shouldn't be afraid (sometimes that lasted hours)

She always always threatened she would say "I told you so"....but never did.

She makes me laugh.....sometimes to the point of crying.

She taught me how to survive MEN!

Even though I made mistakes (some were doosies) she still loved me.

She never stifled my creativity.....she encouraged it.

She always told me the truth.....even though I didn't like it.

She answered all my questions (trust me there were a lot of them) about sex.

She did all the work when we went on vacation......and never complained, while we were having a blast she was cooking cleaning and keeping us alive.

My friends loved my house the best.....because they all loved my mom.

She is still my best friend.

She knows exactly what to say when I am throwing a fit, having a melt down, or even crying for my mommy.

She is truly the best thing God ever gave me.

She is the bestest mom in the whole world.

I love you mom.

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Mary Sue said...

Ilove you more!!!!!!!!!!!!