Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazing Mind of a Child

Today Christina and Chuck came over for lunch. They have been in California for awhile, so it was good to spend time with them again, I have missed the girls so much and every time I see Kady she is bigger and talking more.

We were outside throwing a ball around and picking limes. Then we decided to blow some bubbles, which they all loved (even me). I turned to Rob and told him, I put the camera inside because it ran out of juice (the battery was running low). Faith was standing beside us and said the funniest thing. To see things in the eyes of a child. She turned to Rob and said, "I didn't know camera's take juice". We were all laughing, it was so funny.

Faith is a barterer, she reminds me of Willie sometimes, because he is the same way. When they were leaving I packed some fun fruits for them I always give them some snacks to take, and I also gave them some banana pudding. I bought them a easel to draw and paint on and she started her bartering.

"Grandma", she said, "Can we take the easel home"?

I said, "No but you can take the coloring books I bought",

Then she asked if she could take the crayons, and the sticker book. I told her she could take the crayons......hence the bartering began......I kinda of enjoy it, it always makes me laugh. She also tried to get the new sippy cups I bought for them too.

In the end she always smiles at me because I think she thinks she has pulled a fast one on Grandma, but little does she know that Grandma is just little smarter at bartering.......Let the games begin!

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