Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Better Week

Well yesterday Rob and I revisited the Chemo Ward......Oh how I hate that place. Sorry, I know I shouldn't but I hate that place, it makes for great anxiety seeing all those poor people struggling through their treatments, it is not a sad place people are as happy as they can be.

There is Jackie (one of the greatest nurses on earth) who still remembers you by name after 5 years, and some pretty great doctors, but I still hate that place. Forget about me though please pray for Trina. Rob and I brought her and her husband Mark some sandwiches, and of course I made a goodie bag full of wonderful things: Magazines (Him and Hers), candy (can't go wrong with red vines), cookies, crackers etc., and I bought 15 new bandanna's (for later when she looses her hair). I just want her to feel like people care about her.

We stayed and chatted a while and then we were on our way. My wonderful husband looked at me as we were leaving the hospital and said, "That was hard for you, huh"? I just shook my head, I had my sun glasses on so he didn't see the welled up tears in my eyes. Yes it was hard, but sometimes it is not about us. I thanked him for going with me and told him how much I loved him. He like he does just smiled at me you know the way he always does (like I am the most beautiful woman in the world).

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Sue said...

Iam proud of you. I started writng on my blog again today. Mom