Friday, July 9, 2010

Broke Out

So Sunday, Rob tackled the yard. We had bought me some herbs and he got some flowers for him......oh and a clementine tree. Since I never tackle the plants (don't hate ladies, I have a brown thumb) I would love being out there playing in the dirt, matter of fact my mother used to get mad at me for playing in the dirt when I was little (so see mom it is your fault I have a brown thumb). She should of encouraged my love of mud, but alas she did not so I can't grow nothing now.

Sorry, again I am distracted I just thought it was important I explained why I was in the house cleaning toilets why my husband is out in the yard digging in the dirt. Anyways so he came back in and got a shower. He says I have an alarm sensor that goes off when he is naked because I always show up at just the right moment (it is a woman thing). He was broke out from head to toe, and he says it itched.

Now, now friends I tried to be sympathetic, but I cannot tell a lie and my children would probably tell on me anyways......I am not very sympathetic. You would be proud of me however, I was able to keep a straight face when he asked me what he should do. My answer, "Go back to the hospital".

He did, I was nice I waited till he was gone, I didn't start laughing till James asked where his father was......then I lost it. I said the hospital and he said for what. After I explained he said he should just stay there at least for the rest of the month, he was concerned that his luck was not changing. Rob has this saying when he is having bad luck he says he is having a Ziggy Day, well it has been more like a month.....bless his heart. The doctor said he looked familiar (I wonder why). They said it was his high blood pressure medicine so he is off of it for now. Okay so what is funny about my poor husband being broke out. Well, nothing except as long as he is having all this bad luck.....we are safe....for now.

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