Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here We Go Again

Well here we go again. We went to lunch together yesterday, Rob and I and left our truck to get tires on them.....they were pretty bad, but it took forever. Sorry, but when something is not interesting to me I zone off to another place. It took forever it.

When we got back we were late of course and I had a message waiting on my phone. It was for a job interview for a job at Tripler (Army Hospital) working as a secretary for the Chief or Staff and his deputy. Now I just turned down a promotion about a week or two ago because I heard terrible things about the man I would work for. I had just calmed my nervous stomach and I told you all how I hate to say NO! Well here we go again.

This is a promotion, but no one to talk to about the job or the person I will be working for, and hey I haven't even got it yet. So I am going to self analyze myself through this process and you can see how a really messed up my brain can work, lol.

S0 part of my brain says yea they want me....they really really want me (hehehe) and I get all giddy. More money, different work (little bit), more responsibility....a challenge....oh how I love a challenge. Another part of me says, "Stop it you haven't even got it yet, and if God wants it to happen it will happen". Next, the negative part of my mind says, "Nope...nope....nope don't want to do it". I am safe and secure where I am at. I would have to find my own way there, no more lunches with my husband. What if they don't like me"?

I make myself so crazy sometimes and I don't no why I do it, but it is apart of who I am. I have no idea what relative in the far past decided to pass this down to me, but it is mine and I wouldn't change a thing (except the nervous stomach).

Plus +:

More money (sorry it tops the list)
More ability to move up the ladder/more jobs in my career field
Have to pack my lunch (no fast food places around to eat out)
Walking up the hill and up the stairs (great exercise everyday)
New challenges

Minus -:

Riding in with my husband in the morning (tops the list)
I love the people I work for including my boss
I love working for the Air Force (very different for the Army)
I get 3 hours a week for PT time
I have a beautiful view from my office
Having to start all over


Bri said...

Ugh I remember those stairs!

Christina said...

I'll be praying for you Mom. I love you.