Saturday, July 17, 2010

Job Offer

Well I got a job offer this week, more money, but not the kind of work I am used to, and nobody....I mean nobody likes the guy who I would have been working for. So I turned it down. It wasn't a hard decision, especially with so many people telling me the guy is a jerk, and they said he would probably dump a lot of work on me (his work).

It was hard calling him up after he was giving me this great opportunity and saying, sorry I changed my mind. Why do I have so much trouble saying NO, and why do I feel so bad afterwards.

My husband as usual has all the right words and he seems to always know what to say. He said the bible says, "Let you yes be yes and your no be no". He also said would you want someone to work for you who didn't really want to be there? I know he is right and did feel better afterwards.

I am really going to have to figure this whole NO thingy though.


Christina said...

Me too Mom. No isn't a big part of my vocabulary.

Bri said...

um its the only word in my vocabulary!!!