Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Lumbering We Go

Okay girls now I know I probably broke a golden rule or something, but I couldn't help it. My husband and his puppy dog eyes got to me and I fell for it. Yes.....I went to the lumber store with my husband. It is one of my worst HATES. Now mind you I don't mind going when we are getting something I want like paint or rugs, etc., even then though it can be painful because I can't get Rob out of there.

Rob turns into a creature from the black lagoon when he is in the lumber store, and I can't get him out. No matter what I do....or say he say, "Oh, just one more thing and we will leave", and I believe him, I fall for it every time, but we never leave.

Today I was feeling generous and I told Rob because he looked bored, "Hey I got some things I need, let's go to Lowe's". After I said it I realize my mistake but it was too late to take it back. If only you could have seen his face, it lit up like a light bulb and he said, "Really."

At that moment I realize what I had done, so I sucked it up and decided I would not be my usual self and I would let him look at whatever he wanted and not throw a fit. is true......I have thrown a fit or two when I have wanted leave in order to get out. I have usually stamp my feet, turn red in the face and shout I have had enough and I am leaving with or without you.

He went all over the store from flooring to plumbing, EVERY WHERE!!!! I just stood there like the dutiful wife and waited, and waited and waited. Finally he when to the garden section and started looking at citrus trees. He looked......and looked....and looked.....and looked. Did I say he looked cuz he did.

Now I felt the tinge of a fit bubbling up, but I was able to distract it with the herbs (for a while). I stilled rolled my eyes though and I waited I was determine to give him his time there. Then something inside snapped, it happened so quickly. I yelled at him, "Rob". This time he came right how great is that. Then he took me to dinner. What a man.

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