Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nope....No....No way......Absolutely NO!

Today I did something I rarely ever do at work......I said NO! I know it kinda surprised me too, not because I said it, but I said it with a stern voice, a calmness surrounded me and I just let it roll off my tongue, with the force and determination that would not be mistaken for a maybe or a yes.

Being an Administrative Assistant people tend to think you have nothing better to do but to do their work for them. Now mind you I usually do (if I am not busy) and I know that I can help out in any way, but this time was different.

I have a boss and I don't say No to him, it is my job to say yes.....sure....right away. I sit in an office however with a Major on the other side in his own office, who seems to be under the impression that I am his secretary too (in his dreams). He has asked me to do things in the past and the list seems to be getting longer and I usually do them, but under my my head I sometimes silently say as I am smiling at him, "I'm not your secretary".

The problem is if you do one thing nice then they usually think they can take advantage of your kindness and you will be around for their beacon call and do whatever they ask, all they have to do is say, "can you please".

Today however, was not his lucky day. One of his branch members is leaving and he has to plan for his luncheon, he does--not me. I never get involved in peoples going away.....okay, why you ask. Because military members leave constantly and you would be doing it all the time, and I just got done helping Rob with one of his members at work, and besides it is the supervisors job to make sure all the arrangements are made.

The major loves to say to people--Dee will do it, and he said that exact thing today to me. He said Dee will you call JR Rockers and reserve a place for the luncheon for next week. The problem is if you start doing it for one person you will be doing for everyone, and I already plan our socials, and take care of our snack fund because I got suckered into it.

Today I told him No, and his face looked perplexed, as he echoed my No. I said, "No I don't like being involved with peoples going away, and I told him with all the sternness I could muster. If I start doing it now I will be doing it from now on, and I honestly don't enjoy it, and I am much to busy to take it on. His face dropped and he really looked like he couldn't believe that I told him no, I almost felt sorry for him and took it back, but knew I must stand my ground (I did feel guilty though). He said, "Well okay, I didn't know you did not like doing it, and then he got up and walked away.

Sometimes you just need to say it, you can feel bad for that moment, or feel much worst later because you are stuck doing something you hate.

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