Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stressful Week

This last week was very stressful. With my husband in the hospital, me just a week out of surgery, waiting for the results from the lip node removal, oh and also got a job offer too (would be a promotion). My stomach was a mess. I often tell people that God has a wonderful sense of humor, and I really believe that. He would not have made us with the sense of humor we all have if it were not so.

The night that Rob went to the emergency room I had to have James give me a ride to the hospital (he was on his way to work). I was home recuperating from my own surgery and had no idea he was there. So I got there and sat with my husband who was strapped in much like a mental patient (he can be mental sometimes, but not this time) he had wires going here and there and was unable to move off the most uncomfortable looking bed. How do I know it was uncomfortable? Because he keep lifting his butt off of it and proceeded to tell me about his poor bottom side (I offered to rub it) he did not think I was funny....oh well I did try.

He had an awful headache (hey don't blame me I had just got there). He said it was from the nitroglycerin pill that they had give him. His blood pressure had been 177 over something. I at least know that isn't good. He did not look bad, except for the pain. They gave him some morphine to help his pain and he began feeling better. Well long story short they wouldn't let him go home, so after he was comfortably put in a room, hungry and needing something to drink. Wonderful wife that I am I went to forage for food. I came back with a ham sandwich, from a vending machine, some chips, a candy bar, and his favorite (pop tarts for in the morning just in case).

I was now ready to go home so I asked him, "Rob were did you park the truck". I did not like his answer back. Seems he park way across the street up a hill, somewhere we have never parked before....ever. I smiled and left saying a view words under my breath that I won't share with any of you (use your imagination). I got outside and it started pouring down rain. Remember I said God has a wonderful sense of humor. I went down the hill, then up the hill, crossed the street and was drenched I did smile up at God and started laughing, good thing no one was around they would have thought me to be crazy, anyways.......(TO BE CONTINUED) I will tell the rest of the week tomorrow cuz it is a long story, lol.

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