Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer is Here

It is hot in Hawaii, so summer is here, now we don't have winter, but boy do we have summer. It has been a strange summer lots of rain, but yesterday when I was done from work I went on my "Rob doesn't want to leave, so I am going exercise while I wait" walks.

It was hot, but strange thing happen, as usual when it is just me and God. A beautiful wind picked up and I got kisses from God. Then I looked at the sky and what a picture God had painted for was wonderful. I thought for a second, "Is this great or what". I didn't even care I was walking. I walked and chatted with my bestest friend, "God". I felt like I was the only person in the world.

In the end I didn't even mind it was hot. After my walk ended (I was tuckered and Rob was no where to be found) I went to the library read a few magazines.....I hope nobody was down wind of me because if they were the smell was bad. Finally my hubby showed up I checked out a book, and he got three Cd's and we were done for the day.


Bri said...

Midrin doesn't work

Dee said...

Works for me....well sometimes.