Monday, July 26, 2010


Today Rob and I went to Church with the boys. They haven't been going with us lately they are working now on Sundays. I worked on my curtains got them hung up and asked my husband, "What do think"? He looked at me and said well, I don't want to say. I said what tell me. For some reason I did not see what he was seeing.

Then he pointed out that each panel did not match. They are a blaid pattern, so I looked again, and he was right, when I cut them in half I forgot to keep their matches together. I was quite upset with myself and had to walk again away for a bit.

I tired again, and soon I had my first patch of curtains done, and that was it for the day. Now I have to decide whether I need to put a lining behind it or whether it will fine the way it is. Oh well short post see ya tomorrow. I will post the pictures of the curtains tomorrow.

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