Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Ties

My daughter Briana (Pookie) and I were talking today, e-mailing then a phone call today. It is really nice to be able to do that, especially since we are so far away from each other. I miss her so bad some days it hurts, but I don't tell her. I don't want her to feel bad and I know she feels just as I do and she misses me to pieces.

During our conversation I came to a revelation (A good one). We (our family) is a family that stands together no matter what. The things I wanted to teach my kids the most for their lives I have accomplished. It has taken me a while to see it in all of them, but I do. It is so satisfying to be able to see it and watch them show it. They are important things to me and some of them were instilled in me by my parents:

Number one: To love the Lord with all your heart. My children do. I love to see them calling on God to help them in certain situations. I know it is silly but when they were small I used to make them stop (when they had lost something) and call on the Lord for help. I used to tell them God helps with everything even the small things in our lives, nothing is too little for God. I love to see them praying for each other. Like now when they are all praying for Chris. It warms my heart because I love the Lord with all my heart. I see them turning to him in all things like Rob and I have time and time again. I am a sinner yet God loves me, all of me the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope they teach their children the love of God and how to pray, because prayer is so important. My mom taught me how to pray and it was the best gift she ever gave me.

Number two: No matter what family sticks together, in everything. You don't have to like what they have done or may be doing at the moment but you do have to stand beside them and sometimes hold them up, kick butt for them, pick them up, dust them off, or just offer some good sound moral support or advice. One of my favorite bible verses is Speak less, listen often (which is sometimes hard for a Mom).

To watch them love each other with everything they have rocks my world and I have to say my kids truly love each other and their kids with all their hearts. It makes my heart full to see how fierce they love one another other.

One thing my darling daughter pointed out today is that we can be upset with each other and we can tell each other, we can get angry and yell and in the end still love each other. We don't play games with one another, pout or second guess what is on the each others mind. We say it like we see it, you always know what is on our minds. You don't have to like it, but at least you know how we are feel about things. I like that. I like that fact that each of my children are able to stand up for themselves, but most of all speak their minds. Rob used to get mad at me and he would say, "See what you did, they are talking back, but I would just smile as long as they weren't disrespectful, I saw it as equipping them for the big bad wolf (the world) and I wanted them to be able to blow the houses down (learn to stand up for themselves) when they needed to. I can truly say ALL the kids know how to do that, and I hope they teach their kids the same thing, to never be afraid to voice their opinions. My mom and dad taught me, it just took me a little longer to adopt it for myself.