Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giving Things Up Can Be Dangerous.....Really!!!

Along with eating right and exercising, I have given up biting on my nails. This may sounds crazy but I love biting my nails and always have. When I am having a stressful day my hands go straight for my mouth. It is my comfort for me, I was a thumb sucker so I guess it was the next best thing after my dad put Tabasco sauce on my thumb to get me to stop sucking my thumb. My baboo did it too so maybe I got it from her.

I have to say it has caused many problems for me. First of all what do I do with all the extra movement I have now that I don't have it to calm myself down. When I was younger it help keep me from wiggling in class. Teachers hated that about me, I always had to be moving and either my leg was going a mile an hour or if I was standing I was constantly moving side to side, back and forth. If you have ever watched Briana you know she does the same thing....sorry Briana. Rob would laugh at us he said we made him sea sick, I would move one way back and forth and she would move the other way. All of my children do it. Rob doesn't so I know it comes from me, I just can't help it. I need to be moving.

So....not bitting my nails has caused many problems I did not have before. Like yesterday I went to scratch an itch on my arm and scratched off a mole....ouch it did not feel good and blood was gushing down my arm. I have scratches all over my hands, legs, and arms where I have accidentally scratched myself with my nails (and they aren't even really long yet). Nails are deadly people. I wonder if anyone ever killed themselves by scratching the tar out of themselves.....well, I tell you I might just be the first to find out.

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Sue said...

I believe you may be exaggerating just a TINY bit my darling daughter !!!!! Oh well I love you anyway.