Thursday, August 26, 2010


This morning I was I opened my eyes and noticed how bright it was. Instantly I jumped out of bed and ran to the clock (there is not any light when I get up). For some reason my alarm clock did not sound, it has worked all week except today. Usually Rob is my alarm clock he nudges me every morning and I know it is time to get up, but I usually wake up in a light sleep even before that, but not today I was out cold.

I was out cold till the light came streaming in my room to tell me, "GET UP ALREADY". Then I rushed around trying to get ready, my friend IBS was in full bloom, so I told it to wait I did not have to time for it today I told it I would spend time with it later.

I rushed....rushed...rushed, until I finally decided well there is nothing I can do about it. I called my boss for the week (My real boss is gone for a week) and told him, I would be in later. Then I took my time getting ready. In the end I got there, no one even knew I was late or cared. Maybe God just decided I needed a little more sleep. My alarm clock (Rob) better get home soon or I am hosed, lol.

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