Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movie with a Friend

Went to the movies today with my friend Mo (Maureen McFerrin). Went went to see Eclipse, it was okay, stuck to the book pretty well, but I haven't liked the any of the books so there you go. Mo is a big Jacob fan, it makes me laugh, but it was fun anyways, cuz Mo always cracks me up.

You would have to meet her to appreciate her. She is a talker but then I like that about her, and she is really the nicest, caring person I have met. She talks too fast so you have to be quick in tongue in order to get a word or two in, but that is just another thing that I love about her. I have learned to shove a word in here and there, and sometimes it throws her off and she can't remember were she is, and it just cracks me up. She has an infectious laugh too. I love my Mo and we had a great girls day out.

Later in the evening I decided to take a walk and listened to my book on tape. I love that I have them. Garrett hooked me up when I went to California. It is so nice of him to do that, and now I have books to listen to when I am exercising and it really helps to make me want to get out there and do it.

Kids, you would be proud of your dad went running today I didn't have to nag him or nothing. and he is still dropping weight.

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Bri said...

yeah!!!!! kori and I are sooo proud