Friday, August 13, 2010

My Garrett

This one is for Garrett, Garrett I am so proud of you. I sometimes see the man you have become and it lights my heart up. You are so strong, and confident......okay and I will say it cocky (but your mom is too).

The little boy that I held so tightly at the hospital was such a fragile thing, and your birth was very quick, but because it was so quick the doctors said it was stressful for you. I was never so delighted than to share that day alone with you in the hospital. I told you my wishes, hopes and dreams for you, and told you about God and how he would always take care of you when I wasn't around. One starry night I held you up to stars and ask God to bless you and keep you safe.

There were times when we fought when you were growing up, but nothing touches my heart more then remembering you sitting in my lap, sucking you thumb and just being my Garrett. The little boy who used to dance with me and his sister took away all the bad in the world at the time and made me laugh when I didn't have much to laugh at.

You struggled for a while in school and I thought that putting you in early had been a mistake. I beat myself up about it and sometimes I cried because you tired so hard and it hurt you, but then you found your groove and you proved to everyone you could do anything as long as you worked hard enough. You inspired me.

I loved you and your sister so much you both were my the greatest joy. I never realized how much I was made to be a mom until you and Briana came along, then Christina, Christopher, James and Willie and I never realized how full-filing it could be. It is the best job in the world to have I hope you get to have it too someday (okay a daddy then). I wouldn't change a thing. If I did it would have changed you into a different person, and I love the man you are becoming.

Do you realize how special you are. When you love someone, you love them hard and strong, don't ever change that, because that is the way love should always be. The things I love about you the most is the way you always have time to listen. No matter what you are doing, you listen to the people around you, and not only that but you care about them too. You do nice things for people and yes when you don't have to do but because of your loyalty (which is never ending) you do it because you are their son, their grandson, their brother, or even their friend.

I love how intelligent you are and I love (I know I shouldn't but I do) how opinionated you are. I have always wanted my kids to speak their minds and not be afraid to do so, and man...can you do it. I love that you are never afraid (well you are but you do it anyways) to tackle anything. Like when you moved away from us and went to college and worked to pay your own way through all of it.

I love that you were there for my dad when he was dying (a lot of people couldn't of done that) but you did, because that is the type of person you are. I love that you write and boy can you write, from they many poems you have given me to the books. I love that you have that artistic side. I know I don't tell you all the time (now that you are a man) but I love you Garrett, and those who don't are crazy wack-a-doodles. From my little man to my big man......Know that your mommy will always love you no matter what. I am proud of you.

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