Monday, August 9, 2010

No no not Monday......please make it go away

Yeap no denying it. It was Monday today, after a really relaxing weekend, well....I cleaned but I got to read too. I thought it was a good weekend. Rob and I walked everyday, and we walked today.

Today he stayed home, he went to a funeral of one of his mentors. I didn't......sorry I hate funerals. I went to work. I went to work, I packed my lunch and closed the door to the office at lunch time and pretended I wasn't there while I read a magazine. It was very nice and very quiet. The best thing about today......I did not have to wait on Rob to go home, because he had to pick me up, so he was there at exactly 4:00.

So all in all it was a pretty quiet today....Hooray for quiet days. Oh yeah and for all of you on the mainland Hawaii was beautiful today apsolutely breathtaking.

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