Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rob's In Alaska

Rob is in Alaska TDY (temporary duty assignment). He wanted me to go, but I passed up an opportunity, wanted to save my leave and it would be nice to be what I want.....sleep when I bored when I want. The only problem is I AM NOT ALONE.

Last night I got home early from work (I usually get home late because I have to wait on Rob), I left at exactly 4:00 and got home a little before 5:00 (traffic don't you know). I walked in my house and sighed heavly.....Alone.....boys were are I thought. I got my exercise clothes on and put in a circuit CD got my weights and started working out.

A little while later, James enters with his long time friend Onagie, and I am not alone any more. I was not done so I threw him my most dirty of all looks and he said, "Oh your working out and headed back out the door". When I was done they came in and started talking and talking and is what young boys do.

Then Willie called James to come pick him up from work, I gave them money to eat.....I was not cooking, and went to my room where I could be alone, but I got hungry and had to come out and brave the wild terrain. They brought home their spoils of fast food, and I made me something healthier I gave them all dirty looks, I thought if I willed it they would magically disappear, but I found out that only happens in story books. They did decide on a movie so I would get my alone time, but wait alas that fell through. James played his guitar and showed me a song or two or three, and Onagie talked my ear off. Willie stayed in his room.

I gave up and went in my room after I pretended to be interested in all of their conversations (Sorry boys). I read a few magazines, cleaned up a little and then got ready for my shower. Low and behold Rob calls....and of course I am naked (sorry for the picture people). At that same moment Willie banged on my door and wanted to hold a conversation through the door, so I yelled at everyone (bad me). I asked Rob why he was calling so late when I should have been happy that he just called me at all, and I yelled at Willie to leave me alone I was naked I would talk to him later.

Later on, after guilt set in and I thought about my actions. All I wanted was to be left alone, but the funny thing is I should be happy that they all love me and want to spend time with me, and they think about me. Who else has such wonderful children, James sings me songs, Willie tells me funny stories, and their friends let me cook for them. I apologized to Willie this morning told him I was an old cranky old woman, and that I was sorry. I will have to do the same when Rob calls tonight. I may not be alone but I am loved, what more could a girl ask for.


Sue said...

money, travel, a cook and housekeeper, a new car, peace and quiet, not being responsible for anyone but yourself, etc, etc, etc, !!!!!!!!

Bri said...

clothes for one