Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today was good. Willie is sick he has been sick but too stubborn to go to the doctors. He will have to now he has a sore throat. I stayed home to try and get him an apt. but they did not have any so I went back to work. When I got there guess who had a phone call from Triplers human resources department. They said I was one of the top candidates for the job and needed some more information.....I told you. Now that I don't want it I will probably be picked.

When Rob and I got home we went for a walk. I felt so good because usually I have to beg Rob to walk with me, this time he asked me. Then after we got back to the house he said go on home, I am going to run and try and make it up the hill I never seem to be able to get passed without walking. When he came home he had.....what a man. I am already starting to feel better and making it longer and longer without wanting to quit.

Of course my son Garrett has helped inspire me with his books on tape.....thanks Garrett. My daughters have both inspired me too. A long time ago when they were little we were outside all the time and we walked and went to the park....being a mommy keeps you in shape.

Christina has never looked better, now that she isn't too skinny she is so beautiful and has a prefect shape from running after those girls, and Briana has worked hard to get back in pre- baby shape. My mother too, she is always working out and has her daily exercises. Now its your turn Garrett! Girls when I grow up I want to be just like you.


Bri said...

You should see, my body Momma, its rockin'!

Sue said...

bite me briana!!!!!! and no we don't want to look at your boobs or butt!!!!!!!!