Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Books to Last me the Week

Rob told me Tennessee was playing football at 2:00 yesterday so he said if I wanted to do anything I had to get it done early. He smiled at me and told me we could do whatever I want, with a devilish grin. So I made him take me to the material store because as you all know I flubbed my curtain making project in the den by cutting my plaid material without thinking about it. So my plan was to buy some solid material and used it at the top.

So we got there and Rob was off, he got on his white horse (my knight in shinning armor) and search the whole store. I just went to the solid material, and as I was sitting there, he brought over a whole bolt of the same fabric I had messed up and said, "Well, here it is". What a man, and there was plenty of it. He told me I could buy as much as I wanted he just wanted me to be happy (I was). Then he took me to the book store (the icing on the cake).

It wasn't just that he took me there, he waited patiently while I shuffled through all the books, I got a couple of my favorite (paranormal romances, and a few mysteries). He just waited and when I told him I was done, he said, "Are you sure I don't mind waiting you take as long as you want". So I I said, what a man I have.

I am feeling much better...still sore and still walking slow but I was able to cook last night too, so everything is good here in Hawaii.

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