Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still Recovering

Sorry everyone, I haven't felt much like writing, I am still recovering and my pain level is still there, but no worries it does get better every day. Sleeping is the hardest part right now and it is only because I am a side sleeper and I hate sleeping on my back.

Rob has been working really hard, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. We went and got lumber yesterday because I knew he was probably bored babysitting me and why not put him to good use. entertainment center is finally getting built and so far it is looking so good. We had shopped and shopped weeks ago and I did not find anything that would satisfy me, so I finally told him, I didn't care he was just going to have to make it me one. I knew what I wanted and he is doing such a great job.

Don't tell, but today I did clean up a bit, now I am really tired, but I just couldn't stand sitting here looking at all the stuff that needs cleaning. As soon as the entertainment center is finished, and the rest of the curtains I am sewing we will be moving on to James' room, which will leave him homeless for a while, but we will be doing flooring new bed set, curtains, painting, etc.

Well my peoples that is all for now keep it real.

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