Monday, September 27, 2010


I went and lavished myself with a pedicure and some nails, just because I felt like it. I miss doing girls day out with the girls now that they have their own families and Bri is so far away we don't get to have it anymore. So enjoy it now girls while the kids are young. I have say I always enjoyed every minute of it. Me and my girls.

Rob stayed home from work to finish my entertainment center (yes baby). Our den is just a short way from being done now. I have one more set of curtains to make and all the windows will be done. They match so well, I will take pictures when I am done so you can all see.

Next week I am so excited I will pick the girls up on Friday and have them until Sunday. I have so many fun things planned, I have to say it really pays off being an ex preschool teacher. Christina will have a much need break, but for me it will be heaven. I love being a Grandma, maybe even more than being a comes very close.

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