Thursday, October 28, 2010

Admit it, you have all been impatiently waiting for my next post, and your lives are not complete without being able to read about my most interesting life......especially you Briana. I can't help it my life is just so full of exciting little adventures, but it is okay I won't tell anyone your secrets are safe with me.....all of them.

Well, lets see what exciting thing should I tell you about first? Oh yeah, I (get to) be upstairs to fill in for the secretary because she took another job. Okay this is bad news, it is very cold upstairs and I don't mean weather......brr! It is so bad that all of us secretaries that work for the Division Chiefs have been fighting over who gets to go next. The really funny thing is one of the Admin Asst. is a guy and he was just up there. He wanted to apply for the job.....that was before he was up there. Poor thing he couldn't wait to get back to his old job.

So what shall I do......I have decided to be so nice that I drip it all over the place. I though about screwing things up so bad that they would never ask me back but I am too nice (just like I did when Rob went TDY and mowed the grass) I never had to mow again I wasn't allowed. Pray for me.

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