Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doing the Funk

Mom told me I haven't been writing on here lately, so she says I must be in a FUNK! I don't really know if you can call it that, but I definitely haven't felt like writing. I do get in this funk mood now and then in my life. What does it mean?

No, I am not depressed, if I were I would be writing non-stop. The mood as I like to call it, my husband knows it well is my "I am at the beach" mood. What does that mean? I want everyone to just leave me alone.....and I crave quiet. When I get in these moods I picture myself running away from home and becoming a hermit somewhere cut off from the world. No I would never really do it. It is just a feeling I get from time to time.

It happens maybe every 3 to 4 years. I just close down for a while. God and I talk a lot and maybe it is me taking some time to get closer to him. I don't know, but yes mom I am in a funk. It will pass it always does.

Hey, and thanks for noticing, just means that you really know me and that makes me happy. My mom loves me so much she knows my moods. Nobody else has asked except you. I love you Mom. This is funk goddess saying, "over and out peoples".

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Sue said...

Thats what Mom's are for. It is our job to know when things are not quite the norm. I love you too !!!!!!!!!