Monday, October 25, 2010

The Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is almost done, Rob still is going to make some doors on part of it. I am so proud of him, it looks so much better than anything I could have bought. He is so skilled at wood working. I just tell him what I want and he is able to do it.

Still making improvements around the house. I dragged my husband all over yesterday looking for some wicker chests to go up on my closet in the bedroom for storage. We had to stop at three Ross' before I found matches, and then he had to go back and get an extra one that I decided at last I must have. "What a man".......he loves me.

I got a couple of baskets to go in the den in the entertainment center too. The den is finally starting to get uncluttered. We bought a washer and dryer that we could stack so we could move the freezer into the laundry room, and it turned out so good. Now that nasty looking freezer is out of my den. We still have to do some more uncluttering, but we are getting there. James love the entertainment center cuz the TV sets up higher and he can play his new baseball XBOX game on it. I think BeBe (the cat) likes the new den too.

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