Saturday, November 6, 2010

This to Shall Pass

Well my eating right has certainly gone out the window, exercising too. No excuses it is a high stress week, and I have messed up my heal on my foot (I cracked it on my desk chair at work).

Okay so where do I start, first of all just pray for me for encouragement. I have been put upstairs with the Director and the executive for two weeks. I knew it would be stressful (I have had to do it before) and I don't like the executive, but I really had no choice. I went in with a good frame of mind, and prayed throughout the week, but when I got home everyday I fell apart totally mentally exhausted. I never realized how stress can just reek havoc on my body, I guess I usually don't pay attention.

No one up there smiles or laughs or has a good time. I now know why, but still it is very sad. You see, we work for a Colonel (A6 Director), and it is kind of like working for the president, because when he wants or needs something everyone jumps and runs around with there heads cut off trying to get him what he wants, including me. They are also not very organized up ther and they lose folders and things all the time. He is not a very nice person either, instead of being nice to everyone around him because they are helping him, he is "cold", and so the office staff has learned to be "cold" too. It is why the new secretary left and found another job.

So I have been the opposite, I have been friendly and cracked jokes and laughed out loud. I have entertained everyone who came through, and brought my candy up to make everyone happy. I have even gotten compliments about how friendly I am and how they don't mind coming up now because I make it pleasant. Everyone who comes in usually rushes by me (ignoring whoever sits in secretary seat) I have been yelling out hello, how are you and in the beginning of the week they were surprised, but now they smile at me and say hello first.

By the end of the week, the office staff was cracking jokes and laughing, and having a good time. That is the way it should be and it is how God wants me to be "Friendly". It has still been stressful working for the Director and Deputy, and I am glad the weekend is here and that next week we have a holiday. I can't wait to get back down to my desk and have the freedom I love. I would never apply for that job.

I also don't get to take cell phone calls up there and I miss talking to Briana really sucks. I love you pookie can't wait to hug you and squeeze you and pat your fury head.

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