Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Give Thanks In Everything

I was reading Daily Bread this morning and it had something in there that basically said, "STOP GRUMBLING". We should thank God for all the daily blessings he has gives us instead of always grumbling about what we don't have. It is like a slap in God's face when we grumble. Much like the Israelites in the dessert complaining about the manna, they had all the food they needed and still they complained.

I am so blessed and so many times over then most people. Christmas for me is always going to be hard though, because dad is not here. If you could of seen my dad at Christmas time you would understand. He was like a big kid when it came to Christmas he loved everything about it. While my mom on the other hand (sorry mom) grumbled about it. She hated the tree mess, and the mess of the pkgs, and the mess in the kitchen (I guess there was alot of mess), but my dad loved all of it, and maybe because he didn't have to clean up after us all.

He made Christmas magical in my eyes. He would always pile us in the car when we were little and we would go see the Christmas lights. There was this place in California (close to Beverly Hills I think) it was all up hill, and the blocks would have themes and everyone would have tons of lights every where. We would ooh and ahh, it was magical, and my dad loved it. It didn't matter how old we got if we asked him to go see it, he would pile us in the care and we would go. I know my mom would never admit it, but I think even she enjoyed it (maybe because there was no mess for her to clean up).

At Christmas time my dad was always so happy, and even though we didn't have much when I was little he still had a way of making it magical. I remember the way his eyes would light up while he strung the Christmas tree lights for the first time, and his joy rubbed off on all of us kids.

The last Christmas I spent with my dad we all came home, even Briana was there. I knew it would be his last and I wanted it to be the most special Christmas. I believe in my heart it was, we made tons of Christmas cookies, we sung, we danced and we feasted. I think I even saw that old sparkle in his eyes, even though he was weak from chemo, he was truly happy. So when I get to missing him and I always do during this time, I just try and remember those moments I was blessed with and I get happy again, what is there to be sad about? He is in heaven having the best Christmas of his life.

I would like to think he is in heaven now looking down at all of us and he is proud that the tradition is still being played out and I hope the grand kids will feel the magic this year from me like I did with him. And I will tell them about their Grandpa Marsh and the legacy he has left here in my heart. I give thanks for family and guess what mom, now I will be cleaning up the mess......but it is all good. I wish you could be here with us I love you mom, thanks for all the great Christmas' past and my gosh for all the great cookies and food. Your the greatest chef I have ever known, and the most blessed.

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sues corner said...

I love you all and hope you have a blessed Christmas. I think mine will be VERY quiet!!!!!!!