Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Me I've Fallen and Can't Get Up

So last night I was determined to find my tree skirt. I have no idea where it is, after moving and skipping decorations last year, it is bugging me to no end where my oraments and skirt is....oh where oh where did my lovely tree skirt go......oh where oh where could it be.

Okay so let us skip back a little. My husband got a Christmas tree, a real one, super early this year. Why? He says, "They chop them all down at the same time". Sounded good me, is he right? Who knows, I believed him so we got it last week before Thanksgiving.

Rob is TDY this week in Oklahoma. So he was busy packing before he left and I didn't want to bother him with getting down the bins with Christmas things in them, but I really wanted to search for my skirt, so being the great wife I am. I told him not to bother......but really I....being my stubborn "Marsh" self that I am, I was thinking in my head (where he couldn't see thank goodness) that I would take care of it myself, because I am a strong independent woman who doesn' t need a man to do things for her.....yeah right.

Now we can skip ahead. Needless to say I set out last night while the boys were gone at school to show the men in the house just how capable I am....dang men, I am surrounded by them.....all the time. So I got the ladder (I am sure you are already getting the picture) and climbed up to the second floor landing....well, second floor if we made one, it is up where we keep out storage right now. I climbed all proud of myself and then started moving bins, things started teetering this way and that, which at first wasn't bad they didn' t have much in them.

It got tricky after that because I ran out of room to put things and the bins got heavier. A few times I almost called it quits, but decided I was a woman and I could do anything....even fall if need be, which I came close to a few times. The heavy bin, the one with the lights in it did fall, and all the way down, crashing down taking (sorry Briana) a picture frame with Briana and Kori's picture with it. It crashed to the was everywhere. I like to do things right, if I am going to destroy things I am going to do it good.

It took a feat that you would not believe and almost falling myself to get the other bin down, but I did. I could have been upset but I think I was just glad I was alive and well. I was upset about the picture frame though. I fixed things up as best as I could like any woman would have done, and then blasted all Willie came home.

Willie scolded me something awful, then James came home, and he got his scolding in too. Then Rob called me and didn't want to be left out he scolded me too. They were not looking at it like I was, "I had accomplished a death defying feat without any assistance......from the dang men!!!!!

I still did not find my tree skirt (I don't think they care), Willie said, "Buy a new one". While I was frowning at him I remembered the commerical about the elderly woman falling and yelling, "Help me I have fallen and I can't get up". Yep that could of been me, nobody was home to help me if I had. Well, instead of dwelling on what could of happened I did like any good woman does, and I put up the Christmas tree lights up without any help and might I toot my own horn and say what a great job I did too. Tis the Season.

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