Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jam...Jam...Jam I love Jam

The guava strawberry tree is blooming again, all over the place we can't pick them fast enough. So I made some jam today. Two cases full, and I will use them for presents again, like I did last year, they work out very well last year, people even gave me back their empty jars so I could fill it again.

Rob's back he wasn't too happy with me I left him at the air port for a little while (okay maybe 30 minutes). I knew he was coming I just thought it was at a different time, and I know I don't answer my phone (like my family loves to tell me). Pooh to all of you. Look he should be happy he got picked up. I could have forgotten all together so let us be happy for the little a good memory.

Briana and Garrett just be happy dad is back so when you come out you will get picked up and on time.

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