Monday, December 20, 2010

What kind of Game is Called "Mexican Train".

Well the kids are all here and it has been nothing but fun, except for my grumpy husband. I think it is because work is making it difficult for him take off and just relax. Well, trust me he is not relaxed. I have decided to be relaxed for him.

Today we made brownies and played Mexican is a domino's game at first we thought Garrett had made up the game (along with the rules) we asked him to show us the tin and when he did low and behold it said, "Mexican Train". We laughed so hard. Then we became leary of Garrett telling us the rules, because if you know Garrett at all, you know that....well....he cheats, where did he get that from? So you can understand if he is telling us the rules, they rules will probably be in his favor.

Well, at the end I was thinking maybe him and Briana made up the rules together, because I did not win one hand......I think it was rigged. Another day, another Mexican train to beat.

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