Saturday, February 20, 2010

For my sister-in-law

Painting, Painting and More Painting

Today Rob worked on the doors, staining them, and putting the wood pieces where the need to go. I am getting tired of having my den be the storage shed. So I worked on clearing half and putting junk in the closest (where it belongs) throwing boxes, and more junk away. Moving things out so I could work on half of it. Why do I feel like I accomplished nothing, because the other half is still screaming "Clean me out". Oh well, I got a lot done, and still I have a lot more to go. I preped and painting the walls. Tomorrow I will give it a second coat, and start on the trim.

When Rob is finished with the doors I will post a picture. They look really good, my husband is so talented. We all went to the dentist today, the boys and Rob and I, we have sparkly clean teeth. It was nice to have a short week at work (because of the holiday). Well thats all for now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aint it great

Today is Briana's birthday. Can you believe it I was there when she was born. Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful. God let me raise her, it seems like it was way too short.....okay there were moments when it was way too long. My favorite memory is when she was very little before she could form words you could understand, she would talk and talk and talk and if you ignored her she would take my face in her little bitty hands and pull it close to her face and continue talking. She would not be ignored.....she is still the same too. All I know is that I love her, I love everything about her. What do I miss? The after the movie dances, so baby do one for me drop it down good, drop it like a bomb......cuz your the greatest I love you pookie.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Hey everyone Happy Valentines Day. What did I do today, my wonderful sweetheart took me to lunch, and.....made me go to church and......made me listen to his sermon, lol. He put in some doors going into our den I am posting a picture. While he did that I painted. The office, still going, I did pick out some paint for the den we will be working on that next.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The girls

Our magical garden and our little fairies.
Faith insists that we take pictures of her cartwheels when she comes over.

Look at that innocent little face.

Mother Hen gathering her chicks.

Kady loves all the things that are nature.

Yesterday I made Rob take off work, I had an appointment for my tattooing (nipples) so folks that is the honest truth. Even if it is embarrassing, it is reality, that's what happens when you decide to have your breasts removed. A life or death decision, I chose to life. Even though they are not prefect they are mine, and every time I want to complain because I now have trouble fitting into a good bra, God reminds me (Hey your alive).

I can not help it I still have trouble saying I am cancer free, some times I feel like maybe I am a ticking time bomb. There are days I miss my father. There are days I miss my grandmother. In the back of my mind I can not think about it too much, because it brings me back to having cancer again, and then I am living in fear again.

Truth be told I am cancer free....for now. It has been five years since my last surgery. I am still struggling with my weight though. I have been getting in a lot of exercise in, but I still need to drop more weight, my never ending story.