Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today is the day we remember those who have served our country, those you have fallen to protect our freedom, all in the name of freedom. We do have a lot of freedom in our country that we take for granted. There are other countries that cannot even speak out about their government or have the right to vote. I just want to thank my son who is serving his country right now in Afghanistan. He could be home with his family enjoying the day, but he is proud to be an American and he is proud to be fighting for our freedom. I just want to take this opportunity and say Thanks Chris, thank you for serving our country so that I can sit here and blog on my computer. I also want to thank my husband I am so proud of him for being a veteran and for serving our country. I work for the military and I would say that more than half of the people working for the military are prior military service members. People who have served our country and are still serving our country. It make me proud to work with these individuals. I work with people who work to help keep the Air Force secure in the Pacific.

Today we barbecued it was great, good food, good company and a great family

Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Museum Pics

Shopping Till I Drop

Today I shopped till I dropped, but so did Willie and James. Rob he got nothing....poor Rob, he says he is going to sacrifice and save some room in suitcase for me. What a man....I am sooo in love with my man. He is the greatest, and I started to feel guilty and then I said, "Why if my man wants to do this to make me happy then I too will sacrifice and let him, in order that he can sacrifice". See everyone I can be a good wife, lol.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More pics

James a man and his camera
Willie and Me

Me and the Men in my Life

The La Brea Tar Pits

Family Time

I am having the greatest time. Yesterday we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Museum. It was so much fun, I really love museums and we walked everywhere. Mostly, I just loved spending time with my boys (Mom didn't go). They all took tons of pictures and we laughed our butts off (okay my butt is still there). We joked around and had a great time clowning and taking pictures and looking at all the amazing things. What I love about the boys the most is that when you are in their company they treat you like a queen, they take your picture, like your the only one there, and they hug you, and they fight to open the door for you, more than that they are just as nice to everyone around them. They hold the doors for other ladies, they say thank you, and please, and they are never rude......I just hate rude. All my kids are nice. I just love that about them, and they all know how to laugh, when life is hard, they know how to make light of their situation.

Mom always makes you feel special too. I already got to eat my favorite macaroni and cheese dish, and my other favorite, lemon meringue pie (my favorite) and Mom makes the BEST! I love spending time with her too. I love to talk about old times and laugh about them. I just love her company, and I love the person she is.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Big Shout Outs

Hi everyone. I need to do some big shout outs, because their are some people in my life that really deserve a big, "Whoop, Whoop"! Christina is one, just want you all to know how wonderful she is, but you probably already know, and she will not toot her own horn, so I will do it for her. Thanks Christina for driving Dad to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. You could have said no, but you like always didn't because you always think of others before yourself. I love you. Would also like to Whoop it out for my Mom, thanks for giving up your bed for me and Rob and for letting us come and destroy your house for a week. A big Whoop to Garrett too, he took the week off to spend with us, he didn't have to but he did. I am loving it. Thanks again.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Is So Blog Worthy

Okay so I told Rob I was going to post this and I am.

Last night it was pretty late probably about 11:30, we watched a movie. Rob is not used to staying up that late, so he was tired...okay a lot tired. I was cleaning up, doing dishes and such and I was tired too. Usually at the end of the evening I dump the trash too. I hate leaving stuff around because it attacks bugs, so it is the last thing I do before I get ready to go to bed. Anyways I digress, I was just a bit too tired to dump the trash.

I turned to my tired husband and said (I guess I should have asked), "You need to take that trash out for me right now".

Well my poor husband's head started spinning around, you know like the exorcised and he sighed heavily like he always does when you ask him to do something and he doesn't want to, and then he went on a rant.....nope sorry, it was more like a full blow fit.

It was so amusing I couldn't help smiling. He then turned towards the trash can and said, "I am tired, and now you are sending me on a wild goose chase." Sorry that was it for holding on to my laughter.

I broke down and laughed the hardest I ever laughed before and said, "Wild goose chase, I have never heard of dumping the trash as a "Being sent on a Wild Goose Chase", then I asked him what exactly was so "wild" about it. Then I asked him how many "Wild Goose Chases" had he been on in his life. I burst out laughing, I was on the floor, and he stomped out and dumped the trash, when he came back in I was still laughing I couldn't stop.

He looked at me like I was crazy and I told him, that I was sorry but I was going to have to blog about this. I told him this was Blog Worth, and it was almost as funny as the Spackle in the eye incident. If you haven't read that one, look back, on my blog it is there. The funniest thing in the world.

Now in my life I have very few moments that are the funniest. Mom, the one of your tripping over the suit cases is a big one in our house. The kids laugh about that all the time. So you see this one will be one of those things that I will remember for years to come, the expense of my poor husband.....sorry Hon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cancer Free

The doctor called last night and said the biopsy they took did not have any cancer cells.....relief once again. I don't understand why I have to keep going through these biopsies but I guess I should be happy that I have such wonderful doctors that don't take risks with my life.

We all know of course that God is responsible. His love sustains me during times like these. I worried but it did not consume me, when I didn't want it anymore I gave it to God and he released me from the worry.

My relationship with God has grown all these years into a peace that surrounds me in times like these. It is peaceful and for me in God arms I know that he will never give me anything that is unbearable that I won't be able to face.

So it is good news again, and once again I can say I am cancer free.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Girls, Girls....Girls

Christina came over today with the girls we had lunch. I made grilled teriyaki chicken, yogurt fruit salad, green beans, garlic cheese biscuits and rice. It was great, now that Kady is talking she has quite the personality.

We played blocks and castles. Faith insisted on knowing who is the bad guys and who is are the good guys. Marianne and her poor little cast got a kick out of playing with James' old GI Joe. They looked so cute in there little dresses (they came over after church). Christina looked great too, she is so pretty, I think the older she gets the more lovely she becomes.

We even got to make brownies. The girls helped, what good helpers they were, they even cracked eggs. Marianne just loves to stir and boy can she stir. They had to leave before the brownies were down, so I promised them we would do it again and this time they could wait and eat them too.

Great Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best Mother's Day

This last week was the absolutely greatest. I have to say it was the greatest Mother's Day. I was telling Rob on Saturday, that it would be the ultimate day on Mother's Day if I would get to hear from Chris. I knew I would hear from the other kids, but because Chris is in Afghanistan I did not know if I would hear from him.....I DID! It was great.

I am not talking about all the gifts either, although it was they were the icing on the chocolate cake (I love chocolate cake) and I do love icing. The greatest part of Mother's Day was the words. I love the words, all the kids know how much I treasure the written word. All the words were so inspiring, they lifted me up, and made me elated. Each and everyone of them made me feel like I was the most special mom alive. Nobody has kids like me.....they are all truly the greatest up lifters ever.

I do love that about all of them. I have to say they all possess it. They all have the ability to uplift people who are feeling bad, going through a difficult time, or just need a hug. They have the ability to be in a room and light it up with their laughter, their words, and especially their love.

I am the luckiest mother alive. All the wonderful things they said about me, now I know some of it is just them being loyal to me, but still it made me feel blessed. I love being Christina, Briana, Christopher, Garrett, James and Willie's MOM. And I love being Faith, Marianne, Jackson, Kady, Taylor, and Kaya's grandmother......see how blessed I am, and the numbers are increasing, soon I will have another granddaughter (when Chris marries Stephani) and they are having another son too. I love being Chuck, Kori's, Mother-in-law too, they might not know it, but they have been a blessing to me too. Hey guys I am not done the list goes on.

I love being Sue Marsh's daughter (her favorite daughter). I love being Margaret and Bill's daughter-in-law. I love being James and Penney, Theresa, Olga, Shannon's sister-in-law. I love being Randy and Rick's sister. I love being Justine, Bethany, Huxley, Jacob and Sarah's aunt. When you put it that way it adds up to a lot of love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day "A Tribute"

I love my mom because.......

When I was little and had a bad dream she would stay up with me and tell me why I shouldn't be afraid (sometimes that lasted hours)

She always always threatened she would say "I told you so"....but never did.

She makes me laugh.....sometimes to the point of crying.

She taught me how to survive MEN!

Even though I made mistakes (some were doosies) she still loved me.

She never stifled my creativity.....she encouraged it.

She always told me the truth.....even though I didn't like it.

She answered all my questions (trust me there were a lot of them) about sex.

She did all the work when we went on vacation......and never complained, while we were having a blast she was cooking cleaning and keeping us alive.

My friends loved my house the best.....because they all loved my mom.

She is still my best friend.

She knows exactly what to say when I am throwing a fit, having a melt down, or even crying for my mommy.

She is truly the best thing God ever gave me.

She is the bestest mom in the whole world.

I love you mom.