Friday, July 30, 2010

Job Interview Continues

Okay I am going to let you all get a good laugh. Today I went on my interview for the Army Hospital I got there with about 5 minutes to spare sat down and tried not to be nervous. A lady finally came out and she said I am sorry but your interview was at 10:00. I said oh no, I wrote it down it was 1:00, I just kept telling her how sorry I was. She was trying to figure out what to do for me and I said, "Hey this is not your fault, If it is easier I will just come back another day.

So now I have to go back on Monday.....will I get the job.....I think not, but I am still going. I am going to follow through on this even if I am embarrassed. When I got back to the office I looked a the piece of paper and it said 1:00. So I don't know what happened. People remember if you are going for a secretary position and part of your job is keeping the man's calendar guess probably won't get the job if you don't show up when your supposed to.

Guess it wasn't meant to be. The saga continues. Oh yeah and guess who's birthday it was today.....because children there were some of you who did forget, and believe me he never forgets yours he has everyone of you kids programed on his phone and he reminds me. You better suck it up and tell you daddy happy birthday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Okay this is a short post as I promised the curtains I made. What do you think?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons Learn

Got a doctors appointment tomorrow I need to get my hernia fixed, I have put it off for almost a year now, and it is time. You could all understand though, I feel like the doctors office is my second home, except.....I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME ANYMORE!!! No mom I am not talking about you, I am talking about all the doctors who love to open me up.

Today was a pretty good day at work...why you ask? Because this is a payroll week, and almost everyone has turned in the time sheet (early for once) usually I have to hunt people down and give them the evil eye and tell them they better give me their time sheets or they are not getting paid. Now I have only had to do it once, someone didn't turn in their time sheet and I reminded them, but they still did not turn it in, so I let the payroll lady call him and tell him his time sheet did not get processed. He came over to tell me and I just smiled, he did too, and said, "I have learned my lesson Dee, never again". He hasn't been late since, hehehehe.


Today Rob and I went to Church with the boys. They haven't been going with us lately they are working now on Sundays. I worked on my curtains got them hung up and asked my husband, "What do think"? He looked at me and said well, I don't want to say. I said what tell me. For some reason I did not see what he was seeing.

Then he pointed out that each panel did not match. They are a blaid pattern, so I looked again, and he was right, when I cut them in half I forgot to keep their matches together. I was quite upset with myself and had to walk again away for a bit.

I tired again, and soon I had my first patch of curtains done, and that was it for the day. Now I have to decide whether I need to put a lining behind it or whether it will fine the way it is. Oh well short post see ya tomorrow. I will post the pictures of the curtains tomorrow.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here We Go Again

Well here we go again. We went to lunch together yesterday, Rob and I and left our truck to get tires on them.....they were pretty bad, but it took forever. Sorry, but when something is not interesting to me I zone off to another place. It took forever it.

When we got back we were late of course and I had a message waiting on my phone. It was for a job interview for a job at Tripler (Army Hospital) working as a secretary for the Chief or Staff and his deputy. Now I just turned down a promotion about a week or two ago because I heard terrible things about the man I would work for. I had just calmed my nervous stomach and I told you all how I hate to say NO! Well here we go again.

This is a promotion, but no one to talk to about the job or the person I will be working for, and hey I haven't even got it yet. So I am going to self analyze myself through this process and you can see how a really messed up my brain can work, lol.

S0 part of my brain says yea they want me....they really really want me (hehehe) and I get all giddy. More money, different work (little bit), more responsibility....a challenge....oh how I love a challenge. Another part of me says, "Stop it you haven't even got it yet, and if God wants it to happen it will happen". Next, the negative part of my mind says, "Nope...nope....nope don't want to do it". I am safe and secure where I am at. I would have to find my own way there, no more lunches with my husband. What if they don't like me"?

I make myself so crazy sometimes and I don't no why I do it, but it is apart of who I am. I have no idea what relative in the far past decided to pass this down to me, but it is mine and I wouldn't change a thing (except the nervous stomach).

Plus +:

More money (sorry it tops the list)
More ability to move up the ladder/more jobs in my career field
Have to pack my lunch (no fast food places around to eat out)
Walking up the hill and up the stairs (great exercise everyday)
New challenges

Minus -:

Riding in with my husband in the morning (tops the list)
I love the people I work for including my boss
I love working for the Air Force (very different for the Army)
I get 3 hours a week for PT time
I have a beautiful view from my office
Having to start all over

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer is Here

It is hot in Hawaii, so summer is here, now we don't have winter, but boy do we have summer. It has been a strange summer lots of rain, but yesterday when I was done from work I went on my "Rob doesn't want to leave, so I am going exercise while I wait" walks.

It was hot, but strange thing happen, as usual when it is just me and God. A beautiful wind picked up and I got kisses from God. Then I looked at the sky and what a picture God had painted for was wonderful. I thought for a second, "Is this great or what". I didn't even care I was walking. I walked and chatted with my bestest friend, "God". I felt like I was the only person in the world.

In the end I didn't even mind it was hot. After my walk ended (I was tuckered and Rob was no where to be found) I went to the library read a few magazines.....I hope nobody was down wind of me because if they were the smell was bad. Finally my hubby showed up I checked out a book, and he got three Cd's and we were done for the day.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Better Week

Well yesterday Rob and I revisited the Chemo Ward......Oh how I hate that place. Sorry, I know I shouldn't but I hate that place, it makes for great anxiety seeing all those poor people struggling through their treatments, it is not a sad place people are as happy as they can be.

There is Jackie (one of the greatest nurses on earth) who still remembers you by name after 5 years, and some pretty great doctors, but I still hate that place. Forget about me though please pray for Trina. Rob and I brought her and her husband Mark some sandwiches, and of course I made a goodie bag full of wonderful things: Magazines (Him and Hers), candy (can't go wrong with red vines), cookies, crackers etc., and I bought 15 new bandanna's (for later when she looses her hair). I just want her to feel like people care about her.

We stayed and chatted a while and then we were on our way. My wonderful husband looked at me as we were leaving the hospital and said, "That was hard for you, huh"? I just shook my head, I had my sun glasses on so he didn't see the welled up tears in my eyes. Yes it was hard, but sometimes it is not about us. I thanked him for going with me and told him how much I loved him. He like he does just smiled at me you know the way he always does (like I am the most beautiful woman in the world).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emotional Week

This has been an emotional week. I really am drained. I guess this was my week to listen, because boy did I do a lot of it. After listening to the SMSgt Friend and his wife being diagnosed with cancer, another lady came in and said she was having martial problems.

Even though I have a degree in pyschology I have learned the finer art of listening from being a mother. It is amazing how God puts people in your path to comfort and help. With the job I have I get a lot of it sometimes. It seems my door was a revolving one this week. There are some weeks, were I get little done, and I feel like the week has been a total loss because I accomplished nothing, but then I re-evaluate. I see that although I did not get any "Work" done, I did get "God's Work" done.

It can be emotional exhausting though. I always feel good that I have help people, and I really believe that is my major calling in life, and what I was put here on earth to do. One of the problems is I kind of take on the emotion of it too. It is hard just to let go of it, so I just pray.

Job Offer

Well I got a job offer this week, more money, but not the kind of work I am used to, and nobody....I mean nobody likes the guy who I would have been working for. So I turned it down. It wasn't a hard decision, especially with so many people telling me the guy is a jerk, and they said he would probably dump a lot of work on me (his work).

It was hard calling him up after he was giving me this great opportunity and saying, sorry I changed my mind. Why do I have so much trouble saying NO, and why do I feel so bad afterwards.

My husband as usual has all the right words and he seems to always know what to say. He said the bible says, "Let you yes be yes and your no be no". He also said would you want someone to work for you who didn't really want to be there? I know he is right and did feel better afterwards.

I am really going to have to figure this whole NO thingy though.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Sad

Today was very traumatic for me. One of the enlisted men has been going through a lot and because he knew that Rob and I have been through all the cancer stuff he has been talking a lot to me. His wife has a mass on her lungs and at first they said cancer, then they said no, and now it is yes again. Lymphoma Non Hodgkin's finally a diagnoses. We have been praying for her daily during our devotional time. Stage 4 he was devastated, he came in to talk to our boss, and asked me to be there to. His poor eyes welled up with tears and I could tell my boss didn't know what to do.

I did the only thing I could, I let God fill me up with the words of comfort, words of wisdom, I patted his shoulder rubbed his back over and over. As he tried to get the words out the overwhelming flood engulfed me I felt like I was taking back to the moment in time and I told him how he must feel, and as he broke up time and time again, I listened, I gave words of encouragement. I wanted to escape from it, but I know that God had put me there for a reason, but I struggled as I have never before.

As we left my bosses office I took him into an empty office and I asked him if it would be alright if I prayed with him, he said yes. When I was done I hugged him, I told him my best advice through all of it was God doesn't give you anything you cannot handle and it was what I held on to during my struggle. I also told him, to remember when his wife is mean to him, yelling and screaming it has nothing to do with him, and never to take it personally.

I had the greatest support during my fight, I screamed, I yelled, I cried like a baby and all through all of it, Rob, my kids, my mom, Rob's family, my friends.....everyone held me up. Most of all when I could not hear God, I still could feel him, but I would never wish it on anyone, and I would never want to go through that storm again. Please pray for Trina she has three little children too, that she home schools.


My husband is under the impression that I have a sensor set up in the room that goes off every time he is naked. I told him it is just a woman's intuition. It makes me laugh though, it is really funny but he will go to the room to get his shower and no matter what I am doing, dishes....packing lunch....exercising, whatever it is I enter the room at the right moment.

The real truth is.....I am a witch......there is I said it, I even have two brooms at home, okay so I don't fly on them I sweep the floor. I bet there are times when all of you might have thought that there Dee is a witch, but I am not. I still say it is women's intuition and I am sticking to that.

Sunday, July 11, 2010



Pictures From Today

Amazing Mind of a Child

Today Christina and Chuck came over for lunch. They have been in California for awhile, so it was good to spend time with them again, I have missed the girls so much and every time I see Kady she is bigger and talking more.

We were outside throwing a ball around and picking limes. Then we decided to blow some bubbles, which they all loved (even me). I turned to Rob and told him, I put the camera inside because it ran out of juice (the battery was running low). Faith was standing beside us and said the funniest thing. To see things in the eyes of a child. She turned to Rob and said, "I didn't know camera's take juice". We were all laughing, it was so funny.

Faith is a barterer, she reminds me of Willie sometimes, because he is the same way. When they were leaving I packed some fun fruits for them I always give them some snacks to take, and I also gave them some banana pudding. I bought them a easel to draw and paint on and she started her bartering.

"Grandma", she said, "Can we take the easel home"?

I said, "No but you can take the coloring books I bought",

Then she asked if she could take the crayons, and the sticker book. I told her she could take the crayons......hence the bartering began......I kinda of enjoy it, it always makes me laugh. She also tried to get the new sippy cups I bought for them too.

In the end she always smiles at me because I think she thinks she has pulled a fast one on Grandma, but little does she know that Grandma is just little smarter at bartering.......Let the games begin!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Lumbering We Go

Okay girls now I know I probably broke a golden rule or something, but I couldn't help it. My husband and his puppy dog eyes got to me and I fell for it. Yes.....I went to the lumber store with my husband. It is one of my worst HATES. Now mind you I don't mind going when we are getting something I want like paint or rugs, etc., even then though it can be painful because I can't get Rob out of there.

Rob turns into a creature from the black lagoon when he is in the lumber store, and I can't get him out. No matter what I do....or say he say, "Oh, just one more thing and we will leave", and I believe him, I fall for it every time, but we never leave.

Today I was feeling generous and I told Rob because he looked bored, "Hey I got some things I need, let's go to Lowe's". After I said it I realize my mistake but it was too late to take it back. If only you could have seen his face, it lit up like a light bulb and he said, "Really."

At that moment I realize what I had done, so I sucked it up and decided I would not be my usual self and I would let him look at whatever he wanted and not throw a fit. is true......I have thrown a fit or two when I have wanted leave in order to get out. I have usually stamp my feet, turn red in the face and shout I have had enough and I am leaving with or without you.

He went all over the store from flooring to plumbing, EVERY WHERE!!!! I just stood there like the dutiful wife and waited, and waited and waited. Finally he when to the garden section and started looking at citrus trees. He looked......and looked....and looked.....and looked. Did I say he looked cuz he did.

Now I felt the tinge of a fit bubbling up, but I was able to distract it with the herbs (for a while). I stilled rolled my eyes though and I waited I was determine to give him his time there. Then something inside snapped, it happened so quickly. I yelled at him, "Rob". This time he came right how great is that. Then he took me to dinner. What a man.

Nope....No....No way......Absolutely NO!

Today I did something I rarely ever do at work......I said NO! I know it kinda surprised me too, not because I said it, but I said it with a stern voice, a calmness surrounded me and I just let it roll off my tongue, with the force and determination that would not be mistaken for a maybe or a yes.

Being an Administrative Assistant people tend to think you have nothing better to do but to do their work for them. Now mind you I usually do (if I am not busy) and I know that I can help out in any way, but this time was different.

I have a boss and I don't say No to him, it is my job to say yes.....sure....right away. I sit in an office however with a Major on the other side in his own office, who seems to be under the impression that I am his secretary too (in his dreams). He has asked me to do things in the past and the list seems to be getting longer and I usually do them, but under my my head I sometimes silently say as I am smiling at him, "I'm not your secretary".

The problem is if you do one thing nice then they usually think they can take advantage of your kindness and you will be around for their beacon call and do whatever they ask, all they have to do is say, "can you please".

Today however, was not his lucky day. One of his branch members is leaving and he has to plan for his luncheon, he does--not me. I never get involved in peoples going away.....okay, why you ask. Because military members leave constantly and you would be doing it all the time, and I just got done helping Rob with one of his members at work, and besides it is the supervisors job to make sure all the arrangements are made.

The major loves to say to people--Dee will do it, and he said that exact thing today to me. He said Dee will you call JR Rockers and reserve a place for the luncheon for next week. The problem is if you start doing it for one person you will be doing for everyone, and I already plan our socials, and take care of our snack fund because I got suckered into it.

Today I told him No, and his face looked perplexed, as he echoed my No. I said, "No I don't like being involved with peoples going away, and I told him with all the sternness I could muster. If I start doing it now I will be doing it from now on, and I honestly don't enjoy it, and I am much to busy to take it on. His face dropped and he really looked like he couldn't believe that I told him no, I almost felt sorry for him and took it back, but knew I must stand my ground (I did feel guilty though). He said, "Well okay, I didn't know you did not like doing it, and then he got up and walked away.

Sometimes you just need to say it, you can feel bad for that moment, or feel much worst later because you are stuck doing something you hate.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Broke Out

So Sunday, Rob tackled the yard. We had bought me some herbs and he got some flowers for him......oh and a clementine tree. Since I never tackle the plants (don't hate ladies, I have a brown thumb) I would love being out there playing in the dirt, matter of fact my mother used to get mad at me for playing in the dirt when I was little (so see mom it is your fault I have a brown thumb). She should of encouraged my love of mud, but alas she did not so I can't grow nothing now.

Sorry, again I am distracted I just thought it was important I explained why I was in the house cleaning toilets why my husband is out in the yard digging in the dirt. Anyways so he came back in and got a shower. He says I have an alarm sensor that goes off when he is naked because I always show up at just the right moment (it is a woman thing). He was broke out from head to toe, and he says it itched.

Now, now friends I tried to be sympathetic, but I cannot tell a lie and my children would probably tell on me anyways......I am not very sympathetic. You would be proud of me however, I was able to keep a straight face when he asked me what he should do. My answer, "Go back to the hospital".

He did, I was nice I waited till he was gone, I didn't start laughing till James asked where his father was......then I lost it. I said the hospital and he said for what. After I explained he said he should just stay there at least for the rest of the month, he was concerned that his luck was not changing. Rob has this saying when he is having bad luck he says he is having a Ziggy Day, well it has been more like a month.....bless his heart. The doctor said he looked familiar (I wonder why). They said it was his high blood pressure medicine so he is off of it for now. Okay so what is funny about my poor husband being broke out. Well, nothing except as long as he is having all this bad luck.....we are safe....for now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stressful Week

This last week was very stressful. With my husband in the hospital, me just a week out of surgery, waiting for the results from the lip node removal, oh and also got a job offer too (would be a promotion). My stomach was a mess. I often tell people that God has a wonderful sense of humor, and I really believe that. He would not have made us with the sense of humor we all have if it were not so.

The night that Rob went to the emergency room I had to have James give me a ride to the hospital (he was on his way to work). I was home recuperating from my own surgery and had no idea he was there. So I got there and sat with my husband who was strapped in much like a mental patient (he can be mental sometimes, but not this time) he had wires going here and there and was unable to move off the most uncomfortable looking bed. How do I know it was uncomfortable? Because he keep lifting his butt off of it and proceeded to tell me about his poor bottom side (I offered to rub it) he did not think I was funny....oh well I did try.

He had an awful headache (hey don't blame me I had just got there). He said it was from the nitroglycerin pill that they had give him. His blood pressure had been 177 over something. I at least know that isn't good. He did not look bad, except for the pain. They gave him some morphine to help his pain and he began feeling better. Well long story short they wouldn't let him go home, so after he was comfortably put in a room, hungry and needing something to drink. Wonderful wife that I am I went to forage for food. I came back with a ham sandwich, from a vending machine, some chips, a candy bar, and his favorite (pop tarts for in the morning just in case).

I was now ready to go home so I asked him, "Rob were did you park the truck". I did not like his answer back. Seems he park way across the street up a hill, somewhere we have never parked before....ever. I smiled and left saying a view words under my breath that I won't share with any of you (use your imagination). I got outside and it started pouring down rain. Remember I said God has a wonderful sense of humor. I went down the hill, then up the hill, crossed the street and was drenched I did smile up at God and started laughing, good thing no one was around they would have thought me to be crazy, anyways.......(TO BE CONTINUED) I will tell the rest of the week tomorrow cuz it is a long story, lol.