Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back on Track

I need to get back on track. I walked yesterday, but not as far as I usually go. At least I did it. I am going to go again today. I think I like walking better at home, there is a hill you come to do and it sometimes it really kicks your butt, but after you reach the top I feel like "Rocky" all over again because I made it. You feel elated that you were able to make it to the top without passing out or losing all of you air.

I remember when the kids were little back when it was Briana and Garrett, I used to put them in a red wagon. Briana would hold on to her little brother for dear life (poor Garrett) and we would go all over the place, just the three of us. Then later when it was all six of us it got a little more difficult but I would bring plastic bags on our walk and let them collect whatever they wanted and then we would come home and make collages with the stuff they collected. Walks remind me of family. I just wish I had the energy I had then now. Nothing clears the mind better than a nice walk. I like to talk to God when I walk and just listen to what he has to say to me.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I went and lavished myself with a pedicure and some nails, just because I felt like it. I miss doing girls day out with the girls now that they have their own families and Bri is so far away we don't get to have it anymore. So enjoy it now girls while the kids are young. I have say I always enjoyed every minute of it. Me and my girls.

Rob stayed home from work to finish my entertainment center (yes baby). Our den is just a short way from being done now. I have one more set of curtains to make and all the windows will be done. They match so well, I will take pictures when I am done so you can all see.

Next week I am so excited I will pick the girls up on Friday and have them until Sunday. I have so many fun things planned, I have to say it really pays off being an ex preschool teacher. Christina will have a much need break, but for me it will be heaven. I love being a Grandma, maybe even more than being a mom.....it comes very close.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walking Again

Okay so I am walking again, but it is really hard, not quite recovered so I only got to do 45 minutes yesterday. Everyone can be proud of me I did not gain any weight while I was home. This week has been a struggle so far, why? Well, not because of the food, but it is so hard to put that time aside to exercise, last night I almost talked myself out of it, and finally told myself, you know what Dee....you deserve to take some time and exercise.

I told the boys it was leftover night and I came home and had my favorite, an egg sandwich with mustard....yum. I had some fresh pineapple and I even had a skinny cow afterwards. It was great.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things Accomplished

This week has been great. There have been so many things around the house that I have wanted to get accomplished. Usually when the weekend comes something always comes around and needs to be done, and then I refused to work on Sunday because I need to get things ready for your work week again.

Finally....with this time off I focused on one thing at a time on my "really needs to get done list" that has kept me from feeling good about the house. Usually on the weekends things need to be cleaned so everything else goes to the way side. Being I able to cross things off feels great. Of course in the mist of everything I had to listen to my nagging husband (love you babe) and him telling me I shouldn't be doing this or that, or he was going to tell my doctor what I was doing.....whatever! If I didn't feel good enough to do something I wouldn't be doing it, and James helped me with the ladder and heavy stuff.

I could have gone back to work on Thursday but decided I deserved to take the rest of the week off and work on my "gotta get it done list". Nothing is more satisfying.

On Monday I had James dump off all the stuff on our closet on to the floor so I could go through it. It has been up there piled up since we moved in. I got rid of so much junk and when I was done I was able to see the ceiling again. I Love it! I went through boxes and boxes of junk and I didn't look back this went and this went, ladies most of it was my husband's junk and I do say junk, except for a brand new pair of Asics running shoes (did I say brand new). When I showed them to him, he had the gall to say oh where did those come from. Yep that's my husband.

On Tuesday, I painted the ceiling in our room (the one my husband left since we moved in) with brown paint on it, I would have patched it up months ago, but I had no idea that he had brown paint on my white ceiling until I moved the boxes and could now see it. Then I went over the trim of white ceiling vs brown (well it is really sand color) and made it perfect until it wouldn't bother me anymore (yes, I have a problem). When my husband paints he just paints he doesn't care if it is a little bit crooked, and me it drives me crazy to see it that way so I have to take care of it.

On Wednesday I had a doctors appt. so I just painted some more especially after it had dried from the day before and it looked totally a different color, I then realized I had not shaken it up good enough which made the color different, and here we go again, so I fixed it.

On Thursday I went through all my clothes, in the closets, in the dressers......everything. I got rid of three bags of clothes (I had not done that since we moved in) there was a lot of get rid of (stuff I hadn't worn in a while). I have promised myself since I love clothes so much that from now on if I buy something new, something has to go in place of it and that should solve the no room for anything.

Yesterday I worked on my curtains (still not done) touched up paint all around the house, you could tell I did because it is all over the floor, some was on my foot, don't worry it wipes up off the wood flooring (thank goodness). When Rob got home I told him I needed to go to Lowe's and get some more paint for our room, for the doors (we ran out) and I want to have some in case I ever need it. I also needed some round clips for my curtains too. We went out to eat after Lowe's and had a nice meal together (I let rob go to Outback, "I hate steak") and came home and relaxed. He thanked me because he knows I hate to eat there.....I sacrifice so much, hehehe.

This weekend I will have to give up my night owlishness as Rob puts it. Rob makes the owl noise every night because I stay up all night reading (because I can), but next week I will have to get back in the groove of work YUCK!

So I am proud I got some things done the rest of the weekend is relaxing, exercising again, and enjoying my last bit of freedom. I feel great still a little sore, but I have accomplished so much it feels good. I am still 10lbs lighter (did not gain any even though I couldn't exercise), but this week I will have to get back to exercising again.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well I had my doctors appt today, and he said I could S-l-O-W-L-Y! He also said that I have to come back in 6 weeks because like before I have water that hasn't drained from the wound yet. So I will of course have to go back and make sure it has gone away. We all know the real reason...the doctors are all infatuated with me and they just love looking into my beautiful eyes.
I will have to make sure Rob goes in with me next time, lol.

I can either take the rest of the week off, or go back on Thursday. I am really thinking about taking the whole week. I have been able to get some things I have needed to get done. My husband of course comes home and yells at me, I am suppose to be resting.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Books to Last me the Week

Rob told me Tennessee was playing football at 2:00 yesterday so he said if I wanted to do anything I had to get it done early. He smiled at me and told me we could do whatever I want, with a devilish grin. So I made him take me to the material store because as you all know I flubbed my curtain making project in the den by cutting my plaid material without thinking about it. So my plan was to buy some solid material and used it at the top.

So we got there and Rob was off, he got on his white horse (my knight in shinning armor) and search the whole store. I just went to the solid material, and as I was sitting there, he brought over a whole bolt of the same fabric I had messed up and said, "Well, here it is". What a man, and there was plenty of it. He told me I could buy as much as I wanted he just wanted me to be happy (I was). Then he took me to the book store (the icing on the cake).

It wasn't just that he took me there, he waited patiently while I shuffled through all the books, I got a couple of my favorite (paranormal romances, and a few mysteries). He just waited and when I told him I was done, he said, "Are you sure I don't mind waiting you take as long as you want". So I did....like I said, what a man I have.

I am feeling much better...still sore and still walking slow but I was able to cook last night too, so everything is good here in Hawaii.

More pictures

My Entertainment Center

I know you are all looking at the shelves but look how loose Rob's pants are.

Rob hard at work.

The entertainment center is taking shape

As promised pictures....My entertainment center under construction.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Days Off

It has felt really good to wake up when we want and do whatever we want whenever we want. Rob and I have really enjoyed our time off. It has been so relaxing for him and I. I love that whenever he takes time off (he's always been able to do this) he just focuses on our time. He doesn't worry about what is waiting for him at work. He just enjoys his time with me or the kids.

He is still working on the entertainment center (pictures to come) it is really good. He is so talented (I would say he doesn't realize it but he knows it). I love that about him, I love that he can look at something and say, "I can make that". He is such a talented wood maker.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still Recovering

Sorry everyone, I haven't felt much like writing, I am still recovering and my pain level is still there, but no worries it does get better every day. Sleeping is the hardest part right now and it is only because I am a side sleeper and I hate sleeping on my back.

Rob has been working really hard, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. We went and got lumber yesterday because I knew he was probably bored babysitting me and why not put him to good use. Yes....my entertainment center is finally getting built and so far it is looking so good. We had shopped and shopped weeks ago and I did not find anything that would satisfy me, so I finally told him, I didn't care he was just going to have to make it me one. I knew what I wanted and he is doing such a great job.

Don't tell, but today I did clean up a bit, now I am really tired, but I just couldn't stand sitting here looking at all the stuff that needs cleaning. As soon as the entertainment center is finished, and the rest of the curtains I am sewing we will be moving on to James' room, which will leave him homeless for a while, but we will be doing flooring new bed set, curtains, painting, etc.

Well my peoples that is all for now keep it real.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrett

Happy Birthday Garrett.....Your Moma loves you.....You are my sunshine!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Day....Another Surgery

Tomorrow is Surgery Day I will have to be there at 5:45 and then like usually I will wait and wait and wait until there are ready for me. I am going to get my hernia fixed, I have put it off for this long because I just thought I would do when I felt like I could. So many surgeries and who wants one more. Now I am strong enough to get it fixed and move on. Then maybe I can have a normal life for awhile. Oh well.....wish me luck.