Monday, December 27, 2010

My Little Fairies

A Little Fairy Dust Goes A Long Way

I am sure that Briana is glad to be back home (except for the snow), and I am glad that things are back to normal, but every now and then if I am still and listen closely, I can hear the little pitter patter of little feet of Christmas past.....Jackson, Kaya, Faith, Marianne, and Kady Bug. Even though on Christmas I was so busy cooking and getting a proper meal together for my family, my heart was full, overflowing, a fountain of joy bubbling over as I listen to all the laughter.

I had my "Bud" with me in the Kitchen (Garrett) helping prepare everything, and when it was close to eating time it was just like it used to be when they were all little. I had Briana and Christina come in like they used to when they were little and talked story with me while I cooked. When I sounded the, "Get everything ready it is almost time to eat", they all rallied together, getting tables pushed together, seats ready for the babies, plates, napkins, utensils, and everything else that would make their mom proud. I love my family I love everything about each of them, and then when it was time to eat, we gave thanks, and my heart was moved. I was moved because I am truly blessed in every way I wish they could see in my heart the joy they give me. When we were all done, Briana and Garrett cleaned up....everything and again I felt special.

But the best present was the photo they took, and yes as Briana put it, "It is not prefect", but we are not prefect are we? It was prefect for me and in my eyes, it was the prefect gift. And every time I look at it I will re-live those memories again, and it will be my safe place to go when the world in closing in. I will put it on my desk at work I will smile every time I look at it, because my family makes me so proud. I don't know what I did to deserve such a special bunch, but it is like my fairy sprinkle goes a long way, and when people get us down, just sprinkle a little behind the ears and remember our special day. I love you all very much.

Friday, December 24, 2010

We are Running to the Park more to come

The New Pirate ship for the New Disney movie.

My Fav's

Kaya and Grandpa

Kaya after swimming

A family affair

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Bellows

James having a snack

Chuck and Christina



Marianne on the boggie board
Chuck and Faith

Christina and Kady

Bellows Beach

Garrett and Faithie

Jackson and Daddy

Briana and Kaya.

We had a blast today. Now everyone don't be haters when you see how beautiful a day it was. I know some of you are in cold....cold weather, and mom you guys have had a lot of rain, we have too, but God decided to let it up so our family could gather and have some fun at our favorite spot....Bellows. Chris we can't wait till you can be here to join us. It just wasn't the same without you, so I made a few sand castles in your honor. I love you son. Stay safe. Here you go pictures galore.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today Was Completely Wild

Everything about today was completely wild. There were dogs barking (Jackson) and kitties meowing (Kaya) I heard a few bears (Garrett) and I heard a few chickens cackling (Briana laughing). Like I said it was a wild place.

Since Rob went in last night and got his stuff in for work he is completely enjoying himself. We went shopping all over came home and ate. I made fried rice with left over rice, like I used to when the kids were small minus the spam. Spam is just not good for anyone any more.

We all shopped till we dropped and everyone got something. Garrett has something planned for Christmas for all the adults.....that might be a little scary we will have to wait and see what he has planned for us.

All in all it was a great day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What kind of Game is Called "Mexican Train".

Well the kids are all here and it has been nothing but fun, except for my grumpy husband. I think it is because work is making it difficult for him take off and just relax. Well, trust me he is not relaxed. I have decided to be relaxed for him.

Today we made brownies and played Mexican is a domino's game at first we thought Garrett had made up the game (along with the rules) we asked him to show us the tin and when he did low and behold it said, "Mexican Train". We laughed so hard. Then we became leary of Garrett telling us the rules, because if you know Garrett at all, you know that....well....he cheats, where did he get that from? So you can understand if he is telling us the rules, they rules will probably be in his favor.

Well, at the end I was thinking maybe him and Briana made up the rules together, because I did not win one hand......I think it was rigged. Another day, another Mexican train to beat.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Give Thanks In Everything

I was reading Daily Bread this morning and it had something in there that basically said, "STOP GRUMBLING". We should thank God for all the daily blessings he has gives us instead of always grumbling about what we don't have. It is like a slap in God's face when we grumble. Much like the Israelites in the dessert complaining about the manna, they had all the food they needed and still they complained.

I am so blessed and so many times over then most people. Christmas for me is always going to be hard though, because dad is not here. If you could of seen my dad at Christmas time you would understand. He was like a big kid when it came to Christmas he loved everything about it. While my mom on the other hand (sorry mom) grumbled about it. She hated the tree mess, and the mess of the pkgs, and the mess in the kitchen (I guess there was alot of mess), but my dad loved all of it, and maybe because he didn't have to clean up after us all.

He made Christmas magical in my eyes. He would always pile us in the car when we were little and we would go see the Christmas lights. There was this place in California (close to Beverly Hills I think) it was all up hill, and the blocks would have themes and everyone would have tons of lights every where. We would ooh and ahh, it was magical, and my dad loved it. It didn't matter how old we got if we asked him to go see it, he would pile us in the care and we would go. I know my mom would never admit it, but I think even she enjoyed it (maybe because there was no mess for her to clean up).

At Christmas time my dad was always so happy, and even though we didn't have much when I was little he still had a way of making it magical. I remember the way his eyes would light up while he strung the Christmas tree lights for the first time, and his joy rubbed off on all of us kids.

The last Christmas I spent with my dad we all came home, even Briana was there. I knew it would be his last and I wanted it to be the most special Christmas. I believe in my heart it was, we made tons of Christmas cookies, we sung, we danced and we feasted. I think I even saw that old sparkle in his eyes, even though he was weak from chemo, he was truly happy. So when I get to missing him and I always do during this time, I just try and remember those moments I was blessed with and I get happy again, what is there to be sad about? He is in heaven having the best Christmas of his life.

I would like to think he is in heaven now looking down at all of us and he is proud that the tradition is still being played out and I hope the grand kids will feel the magic this year from me like I did with him. And I will tell them about their Grandpa Marsh and the legacy he has left here in my heart. I give thanks for family and guess what mom, now I will be cleaning up the mess......but it is all good. I wish you could be here with us I love you mom, thanks for all the great Christmas' past and my gosh for all the great cookies and food. Your the greatest chef I have ever known, and the most blessed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Hawaiian Christmas

What is Christmas like in Hawaii? Well, we have dat white stuff, but we call it sand. We don't get cold and we never say, "It is freezing outside". As I look out my window at work all I see is blue, blue and more blue skies, and have you ever been to the beach during the winter that didn't freeze your toes off. Not here, all is warm, warm and warm. Now, sometimes you get a few showers but that is all. The best thing about Christmas in Hawaii is "Family".

This year I can't wait to watch the faces of the grandchildren as they experience "Hawaii" for the first time. They will get to discard their jackets and don their slippers. They will get to run in the sand instead of the snow. They will get to feel the same thing that I do when we are all together. There is plenty of laughter, hugs, kisses, tormenting (from Willie and Garrett), love, wrestling, and plenty of competition. Everyone talks loud in order to be me loud is a blessing it mean my house is full, not just with people but with love.

I always laugh so hard I am crying. I can't wait to hug Briana and Kori you know what happens when your hugs get stored up, you get the tar squeezed out of you, and that is just what I plan to do. I can't wait to play the Christmas song game, and I especially cannot wait to dance with Jack and Kaya. I can't wait for them to see their cousins and play with them for the second time. God has blessed me so good this Christmas, but then he always does, my heart is full and my cup runneth over. I just can't wait for Christmas in Hawaii.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too bad sooo sad

Briana honey you are going down babeeh!!!! Yep the Christmas Music Game is mine this year, and guess what unlike you I don't even have to practice. I am the winner oh yeah, I am the winner.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jam...Jam...Jam I love Jam

The guava strawberry tree is blooming again, all over the place we can't pick them fast enough. So I made some jam today. Two cases full, and I will use them for presents again, like I did last year, they work out very well last year, people even gave me back their empty jars so I could fill it again.

Rob's back he wasn't too happy with me I left him at the air port for a little while (okay maybe 30 minutes). I knew he was coming I just thought it was at a different time, and I know I don't answer my phone (like my family loves to tell me). Pooh to all of you. Look he should be happy he got picked up. I could have forgotten all together so let us be happy for the little a good memory.

Briana and Garrett just be happy dad is back so when you come out you will get picked up and on time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Me I've Fallen and Can't Get Up

So last night I was determined to find my tree skirt. I have no idea where it is, after moving and skipping decorations last year, it is bugging me to no end where my oraments and skirt is....oh where oh where did my lovely tree skirt go......oh where oh where could it be.

Okay so let us skip back a little. My husband got a Christmas tree, a real one, super early this year. Why? He says, "They chop them all down at the same time". Sounded good me, is he right? Who knows, I believed him so we got it last week before Thanksgiving.

Rob is TDY this week in Oklahoma. So he was busy packing before he left and I didn't want to bother him with getting down the bins with Christmas things in them, but I really wanted to search for my skirt, so being the great wife I am. I told him not to bother......but really I....being my stubborn "Marsh" self that I am, I was thinking in my head (where he couldn't see thank goodness) that I would take care of it myself, because I am a strong independent woman who doesn' t need a man to do things for her.....yeah right.

Now we can skip ahead. Needless to say I set out last night while the boys were gone at school to show the men in the house just how capable I am....dang men, I am surrounded by them.....all the time. So I got the ladder (I am sure you are already getting the picture) and climbed up to the second floor landing....well, second floor if we made one, it is up where we keep out storage right now. I climbed all proud of myself and then started moving bins, things started teetering this way and that, which at first wasn't bad they didn' t have much in them.

It got tricky after that because I ran out of room to put things and the bins got heavier. A few times I almost called it quits, but decided I was a woman and I could do anything....even fall if need be, which I came close to a few times. The heavy bin, the one with the lights in it did fall, and all the way down, crashing down taking (sorry Briana) a picture frame with Briana and Kori's picture with it. It crashed to the was everywhere. I like to do things right, if I am going to destroy things I am going to do it good.

It took a feat that you would not believe and almost falling myself to get the other bin down, but I did. I could have been upset but I think I was just glad I was alive and well. I was upset about the picture frame though. I fixed things up as best as I could like any woman would have done, and then blasted all Willie came home.

Willie scolded me something awful, then James came home, and he got his scolding in too. Then Rob called me and didn't want to be left out he scolded me too. They were not looking at it like I was, "I had accomplished a death defying feat without any assistance......from the dang men!!!!!

I still did not find my tree skirt (I don't think they care), Willie said, "Buy a new one". While I was frowning at him I remembered the commerical about the elderly woman falling and yelling, "Help me I have fallen and I can't get up". Yep that could of been me, nobody was home to help me if I had. Well, instead of dwelling on what could of happened I did like any good woman does, and I put up the Christmas tree lights up without any help and might I toot my own horn and say what a great job I did too. Tis the Season.